Automation Landscape

Publicado el: 12/9/2022 por

Over the past 2 years, businesses globally have spent $3,000,000,000,000 on digital transformations with a further $8.3tn over the next 2 years, globally. According to IDC 65% of world’s GDP is set to become digitalised by 2022.

However, when we dive into the way organisations operate today, we only see 20% of their processes automated. This severe lack of automation has a direct negative impact on the Return on Investment (ROI) expected from the vast sums being invested in the digital business.

In this short video we explore the reasons behind the poor adoption of automation so far and how a combination of AI, Robotic Process Automation and pre-packaged automation content is changing this landscape by offering compelling business case for rapid adoption of automation across business and IT.