A Magical Christmas

Through the A-Z of Digital Acceleration videos published in 2021 we’ve talked about the role of AI in helping to prioritise investment and identify areas for service optimisation. We looked at critical capabilities needed to deliver omni channel self-service to your customers quickly. And we discussed a maturity roadmap for bringing control and governance over your IT assets.

Let’s take a look at what is in store for 2022!
Keyvan Shirnia takes you on a magical journey – press the play button!



Earlier this year we looked at the big tsunami that is headed our way. IDC, which is a renowned global provider of market intelligence, upgraded its forecast for the level of digital transformation investment made by businesses worldwide from 8.3 trillion dollars to over 10 trillion dollars for the period 2020-2025. They also stated that by end of 2022, 65 percent of global economic output will be based on digital services.

The implication for enterprise IT is immense. On the one hand it needs to support vast array of services, from simple to exotic, massive number of assets to manage, more composite services, more customers, more connected businesses and longer supply chains. On the other hand, IT leaders are trying to get to this new promised land much faster, prioritise investment, improve customer experience, deliver end to end governance for information security, drive more automation and manage risk.

Over the past 3 years we have been developing a set of unique outcomes-based services, what we refer to as Magic Squares, that combine AI analytics, a set of differentiated technologies and an outcomes base methodology to help enable our customer gain the critical capabilities they need to support their digital transformation programmes. We have divided these up into 3 categories spanning across digital service management, Intelligent Automation, and Service Operations Management. Through the course of 2022 we will weave our way through these magic squares, looking inside each to see what business outcomes can be extracted from them, and how they can help mature your capabilities much more quicky. So, stay tuned.

The A-Z of Digital Acceleration

Fusion Global Business Solutions helps organisations improve their capabilities for accelerating their digital transformation programs. We offer a set of innovations focused on service management and service operations that help our customers gain the critical capabilities required to support their business activities. We truly believe that these services are unique across the industry and the purpose of these video recordings “The A-Z of Digital Acceleration” is to showcase some of these capabilities.

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By Fusion News Team