Best Practice Vs. Right Practice

A very clever Solutions Consultant I worked with a few years ago (you know who you are) used to get very animated each time a client asked for “Best Practice” in setting up a complex multi-discipline application.

Best practice is all about the vendors telling you how best to set up and run their part of the technology stack. App vendor says one thing….The database vendor says something else….The operating system best practice sits on its own, and so on. And then you are left with having to pull it all together to make sure the service is stable, functioning and performing well.

That’s best practice….It has its place and can be useful, but when it comes to integrated Enterprise solutions, the disjointed set of guidelines result in additional costs, potential delays and often poor quality of service.

Right practice, on the other hand, combines industry expertise with end-to-end application know-how to provide a set of processes, tooling and knowledge base to run and operate the application as a single cohesive service. This means the service is delivered more rapidly, at a lower cost and easier to run once in Production.

That’s what we do…Having run some of the most Mike Glennon Men Jersey complex ITSM systems in the world, we have worked out how best to run on premise and cloud-based ITSM systems effectively and efficiently.

And the best part is that we have developed a set of managed service capabilities that help to transfer this know-how over to you so that overtime you can run the service yourself.

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By Daniel Swann