Building a Roadmap for IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management is the single most fundamental element supporting digital initiatives.
And as new innovative digital services come to market, vast array of assets need to be managed, maintained, and secured. In this video we look at a very effective way of building a roadmap that helps to mature your IT Asset Management capability.

Your roadmap will consist of the following 3 key steps:

• First step: Establish the base – This phase is all about capturing relevant and accurate asset information relevant to the use cases you are supporting. Traditionally, this has meant data centres, cloud, and end user computing but is now extending to connected devices and IoT. The key point is not to boil the ocean. Only gather relevant information at the right depth that will solve your priority business outcomes. Other asset types and attributes will be incorporated in later iterations. By narrowing your field of vision, you can focus on improving data quality far more quickly.

• Next, proactively manage the assets. this includes bolstering up Asset Lifecycle Management, Software Lifecycle Management, and contract management processes.

• Finally, optimise use of assets by improved tracking, usage, and decommissioning processes.


Watch this video and learn how to build a roadmap that helps your quickly mature your IT Asset Management processes and capabilities.



A-Z of Digital Acceleration

Fusion Global Business Solutions helps organizations improve their capabilities for accelerating their digital transformation programs. We offer a set of innovations focused on service management and service operations that help our customers gain the critical capabilities required to support their business activities. We truly believe that these services are unique across the industry and the purpose of these video recordings “The A-Z of Digital Acceleration” is to showcase some of these capabilities.

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By Fusion News Team