Cloud-based ITSM: The Competitive Equalizer for Mid-Market Companies

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This blog is the first in a three-part series on IT service management for small-to-medium enterprises (SME), in which we’ll discuss how medium-sized organizations can achieve both enterprise-class IT excellence and digital-native agility. In this installment, we’ll look at the competitive benefits that SaaS ITSM can unlock.

Mid-market can be a tough place to be. Enterprise-class competitors can field a world-class IT organization with resources a smaller company can only dream of. Startups can run lean and mean, built from the ground up around the cloud. Companies in the middle of the market must somehow achieve the best of both worlds—the service delivery firepower of an enterprise, with the agility to innovate as fast as the digital natives.

IT service management (ITSM) can make all the difference.

Deliver world-class IT services on a mid-market budget

When you need to make every dollar go further, efficiency and productivity are the name of the game. Well-managed digital services delivered through automated processes and built-in best practices can help both IT staff and the users they support get more done, more easily. Consider a few of the things a modern, cloud-based ITSM platform can make possible:

  • Enable consistent, standardized processes for change management, incident management, knowledge management, and release management
  • Allow users to access IT services through social, mobile, and live chat channels—or address their own issues with consumer-style self-service
  • Automate common IT tasks such as resolving repetitive tickets, onboarding new hires, and handling employee relocations
  • Route and assign incidents automatically to match issues with the right expertise for quick resolution
  • Measure and optimize service management processes based on real-time dashboards and granular reporting
  • Keep all of your IT investments—from the data center to the cloud—running at their best
  • This is the kind of sophistication and professionalism you’d expect to find in a large enterprise—but there’s no reason mid-market companies can’t match it.

Drive digital transformation and innovation

In today’s fast-moving markets, you’re either out in front or falling behind. ITSM can help IT organizations empower users to drive the business forward, maintain the rapid innovation and continuous improvement their business depends on, and bring new products and services online with the speed, quality, and differentiation their customers demand.

And speaking of users—don’t overlook the benefits of ITSM for helping to attract and retain a world-class workforce. Today’s employees—especially in-demand millennials—want the opportunity to do their best work. A fully modern work experience with a user-centric approach to IT can help your company stand out as a great place to build a career; no rising star wants to spend her days struggling with out-of-date IT services or stranded by stalled technologies and an overwhelmed helpdesk.

With a talented, empowered workforce and an IT organization built for digital innovation, a mid-market company can give even the most agile startup a run for its money.

As you can see, SaaS ITSM can be a powerful equalizer for mid-market companies—but you’ve got to approach it in the right way. In our next blog, we’ll look at how to make sure the cloud-based ITSM you choose delivers maximum value for your organization.

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By Daniel Swann