Atos – Customer Story

The project goal was to install & configure a toolset which would allow Atos to provide their client with capacity reports to help them optimize costs and avoid performance issues with their IT infrastructure.
Edward Miall – TSCO Architect and Software Consultant, Fusion
Client Challenge

Atos is a European IT services corporation specialising in hi-tech transactional services, unified communications, cloud, big data and cybersecurity services.

Atos were contracted to provide their client, a British multinational insurance company, with advanced capacity planning and reporting on two new data centers. They purchased BMC’s TrueSight Capacity Optimization product to deliver this solution, and selected Fusion to carry out the implementation.

TSCO supports planning and enables capacity planners to review upward trends, predict resource requirements and ensure that resource is right-sized to prevent capacity related outages or project delays.


By configuring multiple data imports Fusion was able to deliver asset configuration data, business service / application / environment / server relationship data and performance data. They right-sized Atos’ infrastructure to cope with the expected eventual load.  Fusion also carried out the initial configuration and provided documentation to support Atos to add new future data sources when these become available.


As with many complex projects, there were challenges in terms of timescales and priorities in many of the phases. With over 20 years of expertise Fusion was able to react and adapt to these, which ensured Atos was able to meet their customers’ needs.

The implementation of TSCO within the end client has created the necessary infrastructure to be able to obtain measurable capacity data, generate reports and make informed decisions about resource to avoid any wastage.

Edward has a high level of technical expertise and combined with his vast experience he is able to put it to good use. He is very pragmatic, he knows what it is like to navigate within a large organisation and he keeps himself goal focused and good-humoured rather than dwelling on issues. This patient approach allows Edward to keep a project moving whatever the obstacles. His documentation and implementation expertise allow him to provide a high quality of output. He has given us exactly what we need.
Nick Barrar – Project Manager, Atos