London Stock Exchange Group – Customer Story

We chose to work with Fusion as a partner because of their end-to-end holistic approach. They looked at all the moving parts from both a business and a technical perspective.
Parminder Ewles, Service Transition Manager
Client Challenge

The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) is one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges with a history tracing back 300 years. LSEG was created in 2007 when the London Stock Exchange merged with the Milan Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana.

The LSEG has been growing through mergers and acquisitions. Over the past three years, it has taken on ten new entities comprising more than 50 companies. This has resulted in different companies in numerous geographical locations, all using their own service management toolset.

Such a scenario creates a challenge to obtain a consolidated view of changes, incidents and requests throughout the group. It also proves costly, as upgrading and integrating between multiple systems is expensive.

LSEG (3)

The LSEG has ambitious growth plans to triple in size over the next three years. Rapid growth is challenged when working on so many different IT systems with no single view. LSEG needed support from an experienced partner to implement a centralized service management application and create one single ticketing system across the business to provide transparency, uniformity and best practice.

The new system needed to be implemented within a timescale of just six months – around half the time it would usually the to roll out a project of this scope and complexity.


Fusion deployed its expert IT team to work intensively with the Business Services Team at the LSEG to roll out the ticketing system across the UK offices within the six-month timeframe. With a small project team at LSEG, Fusion was able to support as a partner on both the architectural aspects and build.

Throughout the project, Fusion kept in tune with ongoing feedback from LSEG and iterated accordingly to ensure they kept up momentum and kept to the deadline.


The unified system has benefitted the London Stock Exchange in terms of governance for a complex organisation, ensuring there is now a formal process for any changes. The teams are now interacting on a single robust and secure system.

This initial stage has created the foundation for the further roll out to consolidate the other entities onto one platform. The project has facilitated a more service orientated organisation, so it will be possible to measure performance in a structured manner and ultimately improve performance.

Fusion will now continue to work with LSEG to roll out the system to the other international offices.

We chose to work with Fusion as partners as we felt they had the experience and ability to drive this project to its conclusion.
Matt Worsdell, LSEG Senior Project Manager