Gain core asset management capabilities to optimise costs, improve service quality, and reduce regulatory compliance risks. Inform inventory, stockroom, and contract decisions.

As organisations make the shift to strategic digital service management, they face a variety of requirements, including gaining holistic visibility across not just the data centre but all their multi-cloud assets, improving the quality and efficiency of business service delivery, managing end-of-life for software, hardware and more.

Realising these objectives is easier said than done. Asset and inventory data is notoriously poor and incomplete. Information and technology are held in silos and are not consistently shared, which translates to limited visibility between assets and the services they support. And as software and licensing models become more varied, it’s easy to succumb to software sprawl, shadow IT, and audit under-preparedness. As a result, companies that don’t have good visibility into how digital services are implemented struggle in their digital transformation.

 Business Outcomes:


Service Management: Reduce downtime by improving quality of change and understanding impact on business.



Information Security: Achieve Information Security regulatory and internal compliance (such as PCI 4) within 3 months.



Hybrid Infrastructure Management: Accelerate cloud migration by mapping & prioritising target applications within 3 months.


End User Computing: Improve employee experience by bring end user IT assets under full management within 3 months.



Financial Asset Management: Eradicate software vendor penalties & optimise license usage, allocation, and procurement.

We achieve these outcomes through four enablers:


Define business outcomes: Identify key areas of focus and related business outcomes. This sets the foundation for all future activities, ensuring that business objectives are achieved



Assess your asset management capabilities: Data-led analysis of the key Asset Management processes currently in use.


Solution Stack: Deployment of the relevant technical capabilities and Fusion’s pre-packed process templates supporting technical and business outcomes.



Data quality assurance: On going service to continuously assess and improve the quality of data supporting the business outcomes and related data quality SLAs.

Fast Tracking COBIT 5 for Information Security and Auditing

In this whitepaper, we discuss how any organisation can achieve higher levels of information security maturity.

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