Experiencing Fusion

This week saw Elliot Shirnia join the Fusion team on a temporary basis while he conducted work experience in our Hounslow office. Elliot spent most of the week shadowing Fusion CEO, John Mohan and experiencing time in each of the departments across the business, getting a taste of the inner workings of a busy IT services company.

We asked Elliot to share some of his thoughts on his time with Fusion.

“There’s more to a company than meets the eye. To a 17 year old this seems a little far-fetched and, frankly, an over-exaggeration. However, within the space of 4 days, I’ve learnt more about business than I probably knew from the previous 6000 odd in my life.”

“At a business’ core there are four main aims. Increase revenue, reduce costs, managing customers and managing risk. Through spending time at Fusion I have come to learn of three of the four. I previously understood that a company wants to increase revenue, that’s pretty simple. What’s more abstract is the idea of reducing cost, managing customers and managing risk, especially managing risk. However, through sitting in meetings, working with people from different areas of the company (and taking copious amounts of notes!) I have slowly started to understand how these work and what they mean for a business.”

“Ever since the general election in 2010 I have wanted to go into politics, but in the past four days I have been firmly convinced by what I’ve seen and done that I would enjoy moving into sales and IT. This has given me an invaluable insight into how companies work and, looking at my future career path, how companies and the government need each other to form a working, symbiotic relationship.”

“Today concludes a week of learning, far beyond that of the class room. It has been hands on, enjoyable and really informative work and I don’t really want it to end.”

Elliot is the son of Fusion’s own Keyvan Shirnia who heads up our Managed Services division, who is clearly a very proud father.

“This week has provided a wonderful opportunity for Elliot to see all aspects of our business first hand and gain some understanding of the solutions and services we have built addressing complex problems large organisations face on a daily basis.  Despite the packed diary and the fast pace of activities, Elliot has asked to spend another week with the Fusion team later in the year! I am very grateful for the time Fusion staff and management have spent time with him through the week.” said Keyvan.

We leave the last word to John, “Believe it or not it’s more nerve wracking when you have a very bright and astute 17 year old in your shadow, then it is conducting a meeting with the executives of a FTSE 100 company. I know Elliot has learned, experienced and gained a far wider view of the work place during his time with Fusion. Work experience programs like this are not so much about hands on work experience with the objective of producing an output, but more about exposure and evaluation of different work environments, cultures and market places. I know for Elliot, his time with us was an eye opener, and I wish him every success in what I have no doubt will be a very successful career in whatever career he decides to peruse.”

By Daniel Swann