BMC Schulung und Training

How can you take full advantage of the educational services available to support and improve your BMC Software deployments, skills and BAU activities?

As an Elite BMC Partner, Fusion can connect you with the entire library of BMC training and education services. And with more than two decades of ITSM and ITIL experience and deep and broad knowledge of the BMC solutions portfolio, Fusion can help you get the most out of those services.

We can connect you with 200+ courses, professional certifications, online and in-person training worldwide.

Target your training, fill your skill gaps, keep team skills current.


Pre-training — Fusion can help you assess your team’s current skill levels, then develop a customized training plan for your specific needs and goals.

Training delivery — Fusion will work with you to ensure your team gets the precise training they need, whether they are new users or experts. Training is delivered by Subject Matter Experts, on-site or online depending upon the business requirement and budget.

Post-training — Fusion can provide post-training skills assessments and assistance with gaining the certifications most relevant to your business. Fusion can also help identify opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD) .

Fusion’s experienced BMC experts will help you select and deliver the right mix of licensed, tailored, and custom content to maximize your team’s expertise in and comfort with your chosen BMC solutions. As a BMC Platinum Partner, Fusion can secure competitive pricing and the full breadth of training options to meet your individual business needs.

Training programs and certifications available through Fusion include the following.

BMC Atrium Orchestrator
BladeLogic Database Automation
BladeLogic Network Automation
BladeLogic Server Automation
BladeLogic Threat Director
Client Management
Cloud Lifecycle Management

Dashboards and Analytics
DevOps Discovery (ADDM)
Footprints Service Core
HR Case Management
Innovation Suite
MyIT Digital Workplace

Remedy AR System
Remedy ITSM
Service Level Management
Smart IT
TrueSight App Visibility Manager

TrueSight Capacity Optimization
TrueSight IT Data Analytics
TrueSight Infrastructure Management
TrueSight Middleware Monitoring
TrueSight Operations Management

Training on your schedule

Training on your schedule

Self-paced training is the best method for on-demand training when you need it. Perfect for learning without travel, our self-paced training options include web-based training (WBT), self-study kits (SSK) and e-books.
Web-based training provides:

  • Convenient scheduling, on-demand 24×7
  • Built-in assessments to test comprehension
  • Interactivity through software simulations and learning games
  • Cost savings by eliminating travel expenses
  • Choice of courses covering various BMC solution areas
  • Option to license content for delivery through your own learning management system

Self-study kits and e-books allow customers and partners to take courses that are not scheduled as frequently. An e-book is the full student guide of the training. An SSK includes access to a virtual lab in addition to the ebook, to run all exercises of the student lab guide.
Please note: Web-based training fees are not refundable.

New! Assisted Self-Paced

The best of both worlds

Assisted Self-Paced (ASP) learning has the convenience of on-demand training coupled with focused instructor assistance as well as virtual lab access. Instead of waiting for a course to be offered in your area or taking time away from the office, you can experience the same quality and individual instructor attention but with on-demand flexibility.
All Assisted Self-paced courses can also be delivered as private, instructor-led courses dedicated to a single customer.
Assisted Self-Paced training offers:

  • Full course video recording – access for 12 months from date of registration
  • E-book that includes course and lab content – yours to keep for learning and exam prep
  • Virtual lab for exercises – access varies by course (e.g., 6 hours per ILT course day)
  • Focused time with an instructor, scheduled directly with him/her: you get 30 mins with a course instructor for every day you would have spent in a classroom with Instructor-Led Training (ILT). For example, 5-day ILT course = 2.5 hours of time with instructor for ASP; 2-day course = 1 hour of time with instructor for ASP
  • Community access to the collective knowledge of BMC instructors, developers, and hundreds of other experienced professionals

Ready access to experts—on location and online

Face-to-face, instructor-led training (ILT) courses are conveniently scheduled in physical training facilities around the world. They can also be delivered privately at your location, with or without tailoring your content. ILT features expert instruction, learning with other students, and hands-on lab exercises for practical application of concepts, methods and procedures.
All Assisted Self-paced courses can also be delivered as private, instructor-led courses dedicated to a single customer. Please contact your Fusion Account Manager or for information on this option.
Instructor-led training provides:

  • Interactive sessions with a highly qualified instructor
  • Detailed practice and lab sessions
  • Learning and interaction with other participants

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) courses are delivered live by our instructors through online tools such as WebEx. VILT can be conveniently scheduled to support global remote team participation. Content and labs are identical to face-to-face ILT formats, only delivered through online tools.
Benefits of Virtual instructor-led training include:

  • Global reach for remote team participation
  • Interactive sessions with a highly qualified instructor
  • No travel required

Training just for you with licensed and tailored content

Your business and learning goals are unique, and a customized training program can improve the time-to-value of your technical solutions.

  • Licensing content allows you to host and deliver BMC-developed training within your company’s own learning management system
  • Tailored content takes it a step further, with out-of-the-box modules to map to your teams needs
  • For optimal solution adoption, custom training engages course designers to develop content specific to your needs

Pick and choose your training options. We can develop custom, high-quality deliverables based on your specific business processes, application customizations, roles, and learning objectives. For training targeted to select solution modules, our certified instructors and world-class instructional designers can tailor  out-of-the-box BMC courses. Contact Fusion to explore your licensed, tailored, and custom training options.

Targeted education to reach your business goals

Your organization has milestones to achieve and technologies to leverage, especially amidst digital transformation. Fusion can work with you and BMC’s Education Services to develop education plans specific to your organization through an Education Needs Analysis, which includes:

  • Identifying job roles
  • Providing technical skills assessments to key product users
  • Reviewing education goals and defining success

With the data collected from technical skills assessments, our specialists can develop a learning plan for each individual in your organization. This can include accreditations and certifications for a specific solution area to develop competencies and improve solution proficiency. A custom education plan can ensure your teams develop valuable skills as you increase innovation and further leverage BMC solutions.

Contact us today to learn more, or to begin constructing a training and education plan for your organization’s specific needs and goals.