BMC Support und Wartung

How can the right support, maintenance and application management services help to maximize the performance and business value of your BMC Software deployments?

Your company has unique needs and goals that drive the specific requirements for each of your BMC Software deployments. You need a service delivery structure that addresses those needs and goals adequately. That structure must align with your overall business service management strategy. It must also deliver maximum performance and value, while minimizing costs and complexities.


Fusion offers an extensive range of support, maintenance, and managed application services, all built around a high-quality support model. That model is driven by service level agreements (SLAs) that ensure you are able to optimise the performance of every application.

Fusion can deliver the cost reductions, performance enhancements, risk mitigation, and return on investment you expect from your BMC deployments.

Fusion’s support and maintenance and managed service options can be combined and tailored to meet your specific business needs, and to stay within your budget.

Support and Maintenance. Fusion Enhanced Support goes beyond basic account management, license provisioning, and incident resolution. Fusion experts offer an additional layer of advisory support, annual solution health checks, quarterly service reviews and reports as standard (far beyond what others may offer).

Roadmap Development. A roadmap that links your business initiatives with the BMC technology stack is essential, and central to every Fusion Managed Service engagement. Fusion consultants work with you to develop, maintain and drive the implementation of the roadmap. This enables IT and business innovation, and delivers further efficiencies.

Minor Application Enhancements. It is important to “fine-tune” your BMC Software deployments as products and business requirements evolve. Fusion’s Minor Application Enhancement Service allows for rapid value assessment, design, development, testing, and release of minor enhancements to the applications. Our Agile development methodology delivers fast and effective results for the business, while our blend of on-shore, near-shore, and offshore resources delivers cost savings of up to 40%.

Custom/Bespoke Training and Transitioning. Through custom-tailored best practices training, Fusion will help your BMC support staff manage your systems more effectively and efficiently, and troubleshoot issues more quickly.

Software Upgrades. Fusion will proactively provide minor upgrades and required software patches, to maximize cyber security and preserve your ability to upgrade in the future. For major upgrades, we will scope, manage and deliver the upgrade as part of the managed service contract.

Continuous Service Improvement. The Fusion team will provide recommendations on how to further improve the use of the applications in your current operating model. These recommendations typically involve further simplification, automation, and integration of the business processes that govern operations of your BMC solutions.

Data Quality Assurance (DQA). The Fusion DQA service guarantees the quality and timeliness of the data held in the configuration management database (CMDB) that drives your service management processes. DQA automates data center and desktop discovery, normalizes and reconciles discovered data into the CMDB, measures the quality of that CMDB data, and remediates any discrepancies or inaccuracies.

Proactive System Management and Administration. Monitoring of your environment and applications, including daily checks and performance tuning.

Fusion can deliver the expertise, skills, enhanced support, and advanced services you need to optimize the performance and value of your BMC Software deployments. And we can do it on demand and within your specific time, budget, and business requirements. Learn more online, or get in touch with us, to accelerate the journey to excellence with BMC solutions at your business.