Create an effective omni-channel self-service capability within 3 months!

Gain a modern automated omni-channel contact strategy suited to users’ demographics and preferences, delivering the same experience through each channel, where Self-service is the users’ first port of call to resolve issues fast and get what they need, when they need it; and where service desk agent workloads are significantly reduced through automation of common requests.

 Business Outcomes:



Self-Serve: Achieve a 30% increase in Self-Service Adoption in 3 months.



Contact and Channel Strategy: Change from old manual methods to modern consumer focused automated methods.




Service Desk Capacity: Increase service desk capacity by reducing activities by 40% in 3 months.



Missed SLA’s: Reduce missed SLAs by 25% within 3 months.





Staff Overtime: Reduce staff overtime costs by 25% in 5 months

We achieve these outcomes through four enablers:


Adoption Benchmarking: Analyse your customers’ journey profiles, their needs, their priorities and how they interact with the business and IT.




Contact and Channel Strategy: Define a strategy to better direct your engagement and support efforts across appropriate channels for the target audience.


Accelerated Service Catalog: Critical mass service catalog with 100+ ready-made commonly service requests in just 2 weeks.




Fulfilment Automation: A combination of automation capabilities for traditional channels and fulfilment requests.


Fusion AI Talos

Benchmark your customers’ journey profiles, their needs, priorities and how they interact with the business and IT.

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BMC Helix

Tailored, omni-channel engagements powering the future of work.

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Rapid Task Automation

Power up digital initiatives through rapid identification and automation of repetitive manual tasks.

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Accelerated Service Catalog

Rapidly enable user communities with critical mass service catalog thereby creating service desk capacity in 2 weeks.

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