5 reasons why hiring graduates will benefit your business

It’s nearly that time again when university students will be looking ahead to the future, beginning to think about what they are going to do to help shape their working career. Recruitment agencies and businesses alike look to get the best and top CV applicants, however, there are some businesses that still don’t believe in a graduate recruitment programme. This may be because the effort put into getting them up to the level required outweighs the benefits to the business. However, with a strong graduate programme in place, I disagree and here are my 5 reasons why.

  1. Adaptability

Graduates have lots to learn when it comes to starting their career, however, they are willing to be adaptable to business needs. This is increasingly important in the ever-changing IT business world. Graduates can respond flexibly and adapt their skills and knowledge to excel in unfamiliar and changing surroundings, but more importantly they are happy to do so. Why settle for a candidate who has proven experience but are set in their ways and might be difficult to change? Start with a clean slate and reap the rewards.

  1. Willingness to Learn

We all look for it when we need a position filled – someone has a willingness to learn. However, as stated above, this could be a hard attribute to fill with someone who is set in their ways. Graduates come out of university with a different approach. They want to learn and are willing to learn. They will be very keen to do their best and to put what they’ve learnt at university into practice to help the business meet its needs.

  1. Enthusiastic

With a new job, comes enthusiasm. It’s a new experience for them, so graduates will be keen to get involved in everything that is thrown their way. Working hard to impress will be important for them and will ultimately help businesses to thrive.

  1. Bring a new perspective to the business

Everyone gets bogged down with the day-to-day running of a business, too busy to look ahead and help find ways on how to improve business processes and its approach. Having someone who can bring a new perspective to your operations is highly beneficial. Graduates can help look at a business environment with a critical eye and give constructive feedback, helping it to improve upon its way of working to become more effective.

  1. Tech-Savvy

Students these days are advocates for all things new when it comes to technology. They will possess experience in the latest technology trends and will be highly computer literate. This is definitely advantageous when thinking about hiring graduates, especially in the world of IT. With these added skills comes the ability to help improve a business’ productivity and efficiency.

There are many reasons why hiring graduates will play an important part in an organisation. However, hopefully my 5 points above have given you insight as to why I think businesses should start thinking about opening up more opportunities for them.

Maxime Saporta
Managing Consultant

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By Daniel Swann