Fusion eBonding - plataforma de integración para la Gestión de Servicios, SIAM & ITIL

Fusion Software is designed to support customers delivering measured outcomes with service management and operations. It is also used by our consultants to deliver Fusion Outcome Based Services.


Electronic Bonding integrates enterprise software systems for two-way data exchange


Passing ticket information to suppliers and other partners relies on exchanging data across internal and external systems. Do you use multiple ticketing systems? Do you need to exchange information across systems and suppliers?

eBonding bridges these gaps with standardised interfaces that offer immediate impact—without the need for customisation.

An out-of-the-box solution, eBonding enables simple two-way integration across ITSM solutions. eBonding gets to work fast, with standardised interfaces and comprehensive technology adapters deployed in one week. Need additional adapters? We create them in under three weeks.


Consistent, reliable, and accurate data exchange is essential in most enterprise service management environments. Making two systems communicate isn’t easy—but we’ve made it easy for you.

Save time. eBonding is an out-of-the-box solution with standardised interfaces that work immediately. This reduces implementation time and resources, speeding up your time to market.

Save money. eBonding standardised interfaces reduce implementation and operating costs. We offer upgrade and manufacturer support to help avoid manual workarounds that are risky and timely.

Increase monitoring. eBonding offers full visibility for monitoring.

Decrease risk. Regular security and maintenance updates reduce your operational risk.

Onboard easily. eBonding is set up to onboard new partners and systems easily, without hassle.

eBonding architecture

Operate eBonding in three environments:

  • eBonding On Premise with Standalone Adapter
  • eBonding On Premise with TrueSight Orchestration
  • Atlas eBonding SaaS

eBonding for BMC TrueSight Orchestration

Extend your TrueSight Orchestration (TSO) solution by deploying eBonding components for these use cases:

  • Master Control Unit (MCU)
  • eBonding TrueSight Orchestration Adapter Framework
  • Pre-Built Adapter Scripts


  • Mapping: Graphical editor for configuring field mapping
  • Flow Engine: Extendable workflow node library
  • Handling of non-transferable objects: Retry mechanism for undeliverable objects
  • Unlimited integration: Custom adapter scripts support integration with the eBonding adapter framework
  • Generic eBonding REST interface: Ready-to-use REST interface with eBonding functionality
  • Technology Adapters: Remedy, Jira, ServiceNow, Telekom SMBB-I, LeanIX, REST, Mail and Generic HTTP, and the entire suite of TrueSight Orchestration Adapters
  • Role Based Access: Future managing for data and function
  • Automation: All automations perform via Automation Nodes
  • Docker Support: Available for On Premise and AWS
  • Database: MongoDB and DocumentDB
  • Encryption: Database Encryption configurable

Deploying eBonding lets you focus on your service delivery. Ready to put eBonding to work for you? Contact Fusion today.

If you are interested in Fusion eBonding or becoming a Fusion Partner for eBonding, please contact info@fusiongbs.com.