Incorporación a la gestión de servicios de TI (ITSM) para las soluciones de software como servicio (SaaS)

Migrate your service management to BMC Helix

ITSM is preventing digital transformation

Outdated and sub-optimal IT service management is preventing your successful digital transformation. Everything you look for in digital transformation—increased agility, improved experiences, reduced costs—relies on modern IT service management.

To support your digital transformation, enterprises must transform ITSM. A modern, SaaS ITSM solution ensures your enterprise is appropriately digital in order to support your transformation goals. No matter where you’re starting from, on-prem or in the cloud, BMC Helix is the only option for a rapidly accelerated digital transformation.

We’ve developed BMC Helix ITSM Onboarding, a holistic approach to transforming and optimising service management that doesn’t just end with tooling change.


BMC Helix + ITSM Onboarding = Maximum value

Migrating to BMC Helix is the right fit for enterprises that continue to utilise on-prem systems or need to transform an existing SaaS ITSM solution. It’s not just about the tooling, however: our data-driven approach is always focused on business outcomes.

Deploying our ITSM Transformation Value Framework, your enterprise will create the optimal environment for business strategy execution by:

  • Improving both the customer and the employee experience
  • Managing risks
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Automating widely
  • Optimising business processes—and outcomes
  • Increasing agility and reduce time to market
  • Achieving rapid ROI
  • Removing barriers across ecosystems

ITSM optimisation with Fusion

The Fusion approach to SaaS service management migration is always data-driven and focused on business outcomes. Leveraging our 20+ years of ITSM and ITOM experience and our partnership with BMC Software, we’ve developed a four-step approach to transforming your ITSM environment:

  1. Partner with Fusion. We work with you to define, measure, and deliver business outcomes in line with your transformation goals based on AI-driven insights.
  2. Migrate to BMC Helix. We use our tried-and-true approach, which we’ve followed ourselves, to migrate your organisation to a modern SaaS ITSM platform.
  3. Establish optimal operating models. We change your operating model using a custom approach based on your business outcomes.
  4.  Continue to evolve. // Evolve continuously. We offer three channels to continue evolving your ITSM SaaS environment.

Your decision: maintain, optimise, or transform

This is no one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t quite fit your organisation. Instead, we use a flexible approach to understand and match your transformation needs. You choose to maintain, optimise, or transform the ITSM components you’ll rely on: the platform, the operating model, channels, and data transfer.


You can pick and choose—perhaps you need a full transformation of your system platform and your multi-channel experience, but you’re only seeking to optimise data transfer, for instance.

Why Fusion?

For migrating to BMC Helix, Fusion offers value that no other company can:

  • Defined license transition costs
  • Pre-paid support credit
  • Fixed price professional services transition
  • Defined transition methodology (Learn more on our blog)
  • AI data insights on new capabilities and outcomes


Accelerate your digital transformation with modern ITSM solutions – contact Fusion today.