A ‘Fresh Eyes’ Review of BMC Exchange London 2016

Fusion’s graduate program members attended BMC Exchange in London in November. They each provided a report of the stand out messages from Exchange below.

General Feedback on BMC Exchange London

(By Anton Hasaj)

  •  It was good to hear from customers about how they use the products and how these products have helped their businesses and added value. One of those customers, BT is a Fusion account.
  • During the Digital Service Management track there was a session on the Discovery tool. It was really interesting to see how this tool is used and how powerful it is. The speaker also spoke about the updated features in the new version.
  • The Innovation Suite session was very interesting. We were given some insight into how the tool is to be used and I am very interesting in experimenting with this tool when it becomes available to us. The tool seems different to what we currently use for developing and it will be a good opportunity for learning something new.
  • The Service Broker session provided a good insight into what the intended use for it are. Having catalogues from different providers in the same place and making it easier for users to find what they need is a good idea.
  • The session with the editor from Wired magazine was very interesting. He was very insistent that change and developments in technology should be embraced and encouraged and this is something BMC should look to provide to its customers.

Evolving IT Service Management for the Digital Era

(By Nikita Parmar)

Speaker: Michele McFadden, AVP Product Management & Marketing Digital Service Management, BMC

Digital Service Management roadmap:


Digital is shifting IT priorities, these include Self-service support, Decentralized and Agile Development. Agile development is the future and keeping up with business.
Digital workplace maps to real business cases like service management excellence.  Service management excellence provides end to end service delivery which allows it to track better.
Marketplace value will increase, good productivity, more you keep people in flow = better productivity. Rank solution on use cases


  1. Service desk modernization
  2. Service awareness
  3. Service operations
  4. Service management excellence

These provide great benefit at any stage and provide real business value.

What’s next:


In progress is service management excellence and data compliance for 365. Data compliance for 365 automatically create incidents for Microsoft Data loss prevention.
Below are the future applications:

Change automation:

Change automation is integrating with Bladelogic and requests via Blade. The purpose of this is to automatically create change and this should be out in the next 6 months.

Below is a link for a webinar containing information about change automation:

Remote support for Client system via BMC Client Management integration:

This application triggers remote actions on client system from Smart IT. This should be out in next 6-12 months.

Pro-active problem management:

This application is to automatically identify clusters of similar incidents, automate remediation and accelerate root cause analysis. Its key purpose is identifying and solving problems and known errors before further incidents related to them happen again. It also creates a less stressful working environment and keeps people working which equals better productivity. This is plan to be set out in the next 6-12 months.

Innovation suite:

This is a cloud-based dev environment which is a platform for developers and it also is a drag & drop UI design. This should be out in next 6 months. Below the link is a webinar where Innovation suite is introduced where you can register and find out more information on it.

Developer Experience Using Innovation Suite

(By Steve Gale)

Speaker: Michele McFadden, AVP Product Management & Marketing Digital Service Management

Customised development has always been possible with BMC Remedy but this often takes the form of IT service management. With the introduction of the innovation suite BMC hope to give both developers and business users the ability to create a whole variety of applications.

The platform itself is cloud based and is made up of several different components:

  • Innovation Studio: A simple drag-and-drop UI for codeless development
  • A software development kit (SDK): tools and samples integrated with the studio
  • A library of connectors and components
  • REST APIs to integrate with external systems
  • Developer Education: Self-learning content

As put by Robin Purohit, group president, Enterprise Solutions Organization at BMC – it is and attempt to support “no-code, low-code, and pro-code developer environment capabilities”, meaning that BMC are taking a step in the direction of making everyone a developer which will give them a huge advantage over any competitors not taking this approach.
In my opinion this is a huge step forward for BMC providing a platform for quick and easy development with the additional option of making more complex Java applications if necessary.

For further reading on the innovation suite visit these links:

Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know BMC Discovery Can Do

(By Jonny Hercock)

Speaker: Raphael Chauvel, Director of Product Management at BMC

Did you know that BMC Discovery knows what you don’t know, can travel in time and help you survive the zombie apocalypse? They might sound outlandish but these were part of the Top 10 in yesterday’s talk at the BMC Exchange. To elaborate, please don’t expect BMC Discovery to save you from the undead or act as your personal time machine, these are just the head-turning titles from the speaker. They were used to portray the use of the History function to find out when everything happened, and to assist in locating and decommissioning underused (“zombie”) servers to reduce costs. Also of interest was number 7 in the Top Ten; the lack of an SQL Database. This not only means everything in Discovery is indexed and searchable, but there’s no strict schema and an extensive history function attached.

As of November 11th, BMC Discovery v11.1 is available, building upon 3 key concepts;

  • Open Discovery
  • Event-Driven Model Updates
  • “Start Anywhere” Application Mapping

If you would like to know more, a webinar on What’s New with BMC Discovery 11.1 has been scheduled for 22/11/2016, which you can register for on BMC’s website.

By Daniel Swann