Fatboy Slim – Dropping pounds for charity

At the close of last year during a moment of reflection on the year ahead, John Mohan our beloved CEO asked what I was thinking. I shared my thoughts about wanting to lose weight and looking for motivation and so he proceeded to take my notepad and furiously start scribbling in it. He would look up every once in a while with his account face on do some mental maths and then continue scribbling. When he handed back my pad in it he had set me a challenge.

It read:
20kg down by 31/12/2017
5kg – £50 per kg £250
6-10kg – £75 per kg £375
10-15kg – £100 per kg £500
16 – 20kg – £175 per kg £875
Total £2000

He said Fusion will give you this money to the charity of your choice if you reach your goal. BUT you must blog about it and let us follow your progress.

I said “Sounds very generous, thanks.”
Then I let reality set in and thought “what have I got myself into?!”. Essentially I have agreed to loose 1/5 of my body weight over 12 months.

To give you a bit of background, I have been married for 5 years. Before I was married, I weighed 83kg. 5 years and 4 children later… lack of sleep, time to myself and poor diet have resulted in going up 2 trouser sizes and finding a couple of extra chins. During the course of the 5 years I also discovered I have inherited a rare gene mutation that can effect my chances of developing breast cancer and other tumours amongst other things. So the incentive to lose weight to reduce my risks but also increase my chances of early detection have become quite important to my peace of mind.

Added to this my wife has suffered with type 1 diabetes since her mid 20s. Seeing her struggles and the challenges she faces with her diet and managing medication and injecting and testing her blood sugar are stressful to say the least. I decided that my efforts should go towards a cause that could hopefully make a difference to her/our lives.

I reached out to Diabetes UK and decided to donate all the proceeds of my efforts to them.

The Start
I took photos in January and weighed myself. I was 104.6kg on the 1st of January. I could share the pictures I took but I might save those till the end if at all. Trust me, no one needs to see them.
My target is 84kg by the end of the year.

So Far
As of the start of June I have lost 6kg. I was back in the 90s and making good progress. I can attribute this success mainly to cutting out all fizzy drinks since January and running Tough Mudder in May. BUT I’m at the half way mark and I’m tracking far short of where I should be to hit my goal. So starting in July things need to go up a gear. More exercise, less sugar, better diet and better sleep management. My hope is that by getting the basics right the rest of the weight should start coming off more effectively.

I also need to commit to keeping a more regular update of my progress and reporting on where I am tracking. This is hard for me because I don’t like to fail and really don’t like to fail publicly but I guess this will help motivate me.

I’m not sure what people hope to read in these sorts of blogs. I’m no expert in talking about myself but I guess you will get a glimpse into my thought processes and the struggles that I get up to without really thinking about it. Hopefully this will also act as a motivation (or cautionary tale) to some of you wanting to make similar changes in your lives.

Finally, I promise I will not do CrossFit and if I do I will not tell you all about it. If you have social media I’m sure you know what I’m saying.


By Daniel Swann