Fusion Outcomes-Based Services Update – 2019 Q1 Product Release

Fusion Global Business Solutions, a leading global provider of IT Service Management and IT Operationssolutions, announces the quarterly release of its unique outcomes-based services.

Fusion Outcomes-Based Services (FOBS) have been designed to deliver specific, measurable business outcomes for Cloud Expense Management, out-of-the-box support for complex Application-to-Application integrations and AI-powered Continuous Service Improvements for ITSM systems. The FOBS 19.01 release includes:

Cloud Expense Management (CEM) – CEM enables organisations to gain significant visibility over their cloud expenses covering IaaS and PaaS services from Amazon, Azure and Google. CEM supports Gartner’s Seven Steps to Reducing Public Cloud IaaS Expense, providing governance over cloud tags, provide detailed view of resources consumption for both IaaS and PaaS multi-cloud platforms and provide cloud cost modelling.

Discovery Exploitation as a Service (DEaaS)– DEaaS provides visibility and control over the assets, people, processes that deliver IT services to user communities. DEaaS uses Fusion’s 3rd generation methodology and processes to ensure high quality data is available at the right time for IT Service Management, Operations and finance teams. The 19.01 release provides accelerated service modelling and dependency mapping by up to 10x, enabling organisations to model and maintain their applications in a fraction of the time and costs.

Platform Integration engine (PIe) – A SaaS offering with SIAM-enabled Case Exchange support for organisations using platforms such as BMC, ServiceNow, Cherwell, Salesforce, Jira, Jenkins and many others. PIe 19.01 reduces integration lead times by months, making it much easier to stand up SIAM multi-tower integrations and the ability to make the concept of plug & play of service providers in a SIAM model a reality.

AI-Powered Continuous Service Improvement (CSI Insight) – A SaaS offering using Fusion’s machine-learning platform to provide in-depth analysis of structured and unstructured data and rapidly identify areas of improvement. Typical analysis of massively large datasets can take up to an hour, resulting in interactive online reports and targeted recommendations provided by Fusion Data Scientists. These recommendations are then delivered by Fusion Application Management Service. CSI Insight 19.01 release provides support for the following use cases: Service Catalogue Analysis, Work Order Fulfilment, Incident Resolution, Knowledge & Incident Analysis and Knowledge Tag Analysis.

“Every investment decision requires a business case that demonstrates the tangible and in-tangible benefits to multiple stakeholders and departments. Add in the complexity that dynamic digital transformation brings, and it is little wonder that many investments in software fail to deliver” said Keyvan Shirnia, Head of Managed Service & Product Development of Fusion. “Fusion’s Outcomes-Based Services, unique across the whole of the BMC eco-system worldwide, are focused and measured on delivering the value articulated in the investment business case. The FOBS 19.01 release accelerate our ability to deliver specific business outcomes and ensure delivery in support of the original investment decisions.”


This announcement comes off the back of Fusion Managed Services’ strongest quarter yet ending on 31st March 2019.

About Fusion: Fusion is the “go-to” BMC Software experts for skills and solutions as the only BMC Platinum Partner in the UK and one of only a handful globally. Fusion has been providing successful solutions for IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations since 1998. We are specialists in these critical areas, expert in delivering end-to-end solutions for organizations, helping you to understand your potential and building your roadmap to success. Our solutions focus on outcomes that move your key performance indicators (KPIs) most critical to the business.

For further information please contact Keyvan Shirnia:
M: +44 (0) 7970213514

By Daniel Swann