How to Build a Proactive & Predictive Monitoring Approach

Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to put out fires and track down root causes due to unplanned downtime? Not only do unplanned outages eat away at time that could be focused on innovative projects but it also can cause a loss in revenue, poor customer experience, or a damaged reputation.

Imagine a world where you’re focused on driving strategic business outcomes instead of mitigating unscheduled downtime. With a proactive and predictive monitoring approach, this is 100% achievable.

Together with our partner LogicMonitor we create a webinar for the DACH region, where you’ll learn how an AIOps early warning system can help you switch from a reactive approach, where the focus lies on minimizing an outage, to a proactive approach that allows you to focus on avoiding outages altogether.

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In this webinar we discussed strategies for implementing proactive monitoring including:

  • Early warning system benefits
  • AIOps implementation
  • Surface anomalies and alerts
  • Reduce MTTR

We are looking forward to hear from you!

By Fusion News Team