How to build an Omni-Channel Self-Service in 2-3 months

Self-Service automation is the holly-grail of IT Service Management. The idea is to provide users with what they are looking for, accessible from anywhere and at any time. And fulfilment automation is the key ingredient that makes Self-Service make so much financial sense to IT.

However, for high Self-Service adoption organisations need to take a customer centric approach. In this 5-minute video we take a look at the 4 ingredients that enable businesses gain 30%+ adoption in omni-channel Self-Service within 2-3 months.

1) Adoption benchmarking
For IT to deliver relevant services through Self-Service channels, it needs to understand the entire customer journey and not just optimize contact points individually.
A combination of activities, including AI-based adoption benchmarking, engagement with business community, focus groups, and surveys are required to understand Self-Service motivation. The output from this type of benchmarking includes a clear roadmap with adoption plans and relevant KPIs that can be tracked over time.

2) Contact & Channel Strategy
Customers have different communication needs. Self-Service must enable these different touchpoints to work together and support customers preferred journeys. As the number of channels increase, expect customers to fragment over them across different age groups. Expect also that channel preferences will change depending on the context of process, location, and time. Leverage the customer segmentation work from the adoption benchmarking in the previous step, to better direct your engagement and support efforts across appropriate channels for the target audience.

3) Rapid content expansion
For high adoption, IT services need to be personalised, equally accessible across all channels, with access to relevant knowledge targeted to the audience level. Failing to do this, results in consumers to fall back to the traditional costly high touch channels.
To help with this, we have created Fusion’s digital service hub with over 100 services common across most IT organisations. This content pack is supplemented with relevant knowledge articles and automated fulfilment workflows, which simply plugs into customer’s BMC Digital Workplace platform.

4) Fulfilment automation
Automation is the real reason why Self-Service makes so much financial sense. And using AI we can automate both channels and the fulfilment processes.
For examples, AI-enabled chatbots can guide users to knowledge or services that they are looking for and can help them to complete their tasks on a 7 by 24 hour basis. AI is also used on more traditional channels such as emails to understand the intent, and action an automated workflow on behalf of the user.
In the upcoming 3 videos we will take a closer look at these areas.


30% Self-Service adoption in 2-3 months? Here’s how….



A-Z of Digital Acceleration

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By Fusion News Team