Asset & Configuration Improvement & Excellence

Does your IT Asset Management (ITAM) at your business deliver the control, knowledge, and actionable insights you need to enable the IT operations and services that drive your business?

Your business runs on IT-powered services. The strength and flexibility of those services empowers the digital transformation of your business. Your ability to deliver, manage, secure, and transform those services and the operations that support them depends on how well you know and can manage every asset in your IT infrastructure.

Truly effective IT asset management starts with knowing everything important about every asset – hardware or software, on-premise or cloud-based. You need to know what you have, where it is, how it’s configured, what it does, and who’s authorized to use it.


You also need to know about the relationships that connect your assets to each other, your users, and the tasks they perform. You need to know that what you know is always accurate, complete, and up to date. And you need reports and dashboards that make what you know insightful and actionable.

With need comes opportunity. More granular, flexible control over your company’s IT assets can help you turn knowledge and insights into actions that govern your IT infrastructure. Actions that ensure you always deliver the IT resources your users need, where, when, and as they’re needed. No more, and no less. Actions that enable, drive, and support agility, change, and transformation for your business.

Fusion GBS offers multiple ways to help you optimize management of your IT assets.

Fusion’s Discovery Exploitation as a Service (DEaaS) enables the actionable visibility you need to manage your most critical IT assets effectively. It combines the power of BMC’s agentless Discovery platform with other relevant data sources and the vast experience of Fusion experts. DEaaS can help you reconcile your IT asset data into a trustworthy “single version of the truth.” This can drive consistently effective IT asset, service, and operations management decisions.

Fusion’s Process & Capability Maturity Assessment allows you to compare the current state of IT service and operations management at your business with your target operating model. It can identify immediate benefits and help you create and execute a plan for continued service improvement.

Fusion’s Capacity Optimization as a Service (COaaS) ensures that you are delivering the right capacity as and where it’s needed. Available as a cloud- or premise-based service, COaaS provides visibility into and control over your premise- and cloud-based infrastructure resources. You can avoid over-provisioning and under-provisioning, reclaim underutilized resources, and refocus your IT staff on more strategic work. Fusion COaaS can help reduce risks and costs across your entire IT environment.

Fusion’s ITSM Advisory and Strategy Consulting provides you with dedicated access to one of our industry-leading ITSM subject matter experts. Together, you can create, define, and refine your ITSM strategy, and deliver a firm, flexible foundation for the digital transformation of your business.

Fusion’s solutions, experience, and expertise can help you to maximize the availability, performance, reliability, security, and business value of your IT investments.