Cloud Expense Management

Your Challenge: how best to balance empowering your users with cloud-based resources with managing the costs of those resources?

Your business is increasingly leveraging cloud-based IT resources, alongside or even instead of premises-based alternatives. And cloud computing has made it possible for any user with an internet connection and a credit card to spin up a server or other computing resources — sometimes without notifying IT until something goes wrong. Even if such “rogue” or “shadow” IT incidents cause no serious problems, they can contribute to escalating costs, in ways difficult to track down or control.


Your business is not going to give up using cloud-based resources, nor should it. What you need is the visibility, understanding and control to keep the costs of those resources in check, even as their use grows and evolves.

Gartner recommends seven steps to better understand, manage, and control costs related to cloud services.
Fusion offers two services that fully support these Gartner recommendations.

Capacity Optimization as a Service (COaaS) provides detailed analysis of how computing, network and storage resources are being used. It give you visibility and control over multi-cloud costs, and supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack, and others. Fusion COaaS also analyzes current and future costs and multi-cloud infrastructure services utilization. This enables insight and control over capital and operating expenditures.

Discovery Exploitation as a Service (DEaaS) automates asset discovery and application dependency mapping. It enables a holistic view of all your data center assets, multi-cloud services, and their relationships. Fusion’s unique Data Quality Assurance service ensures the accuracy and consistency of the discovered data, along with other relevant data sources. Fusion DaaS also fully integrates and supports the end-to-end service views required for service cost modelling offered by COaaS.

Here’s how Fusion COaaS and Fusion DEaaS combine to support the Gartner recommendations.

Let’s discuss how Fusion can help you rein in your cloud computing costs, while giving your users the resources they need to succeed.