Workload Cloud Migration

Right-size your assets to optimise cloud operating costs

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While most IT organisations look to leverage public cloud to free up IT resources, increase speed and agility and reduce costs, they lack the best practice and systems to achieve these migrations in a seamless and optimised way.

What is needed to accelerate cloud adoption?

Here are 7 steps to ensuring a cost-effective, fast, and low-risk approach to migrating your workloads to the cloud, no matter where you are in your journey:

  1. Discover: Know what you have
  2. Model: Measure what you are using
  3. Forecast: Forecast costs of running in cloud
  4. Migrate to cloud
  5. Optimise: Optimise cloud footprint
  6. Budget: Ongoing cloud cost optimisation
  7. Spend: Make sure you stick to the cloud budgets

That’s where Fusion comes in. Leveraging our partnerships with AWS, the largest public cloud provider in the world, and BMC Software, the leader in IT service and operations management, we bring successful cloud migration to you.

Cloud Migration as a Service is a holistic and dependable cloud migration system that revolutionises enterprise cloud migration. Migration as a Service is a four-step process that’s critical to your organisation in two key ways:

  • Quickly know your cloud migration costs. We assess your cost of moving to the cloud in approximately two weeks—using real calculations, not “estimates”—so you can decide quickly if this is the best move for your organisation.
  • Right-size and rearchitect workloads for optimisation. We optimise cloud sizing based on real capacity. No assumptions, no what ifs. By right-sizing and rearchitecting, you’ll use only the compute power you need, saving costs otherwise wasted on legacy applications.
Cloud Migration & Optimisation in 4 Steps

Using automation and intelligent discovery, planning, and execution tools, Cloud Migration as a Service right-sizes your assets and optimises cloud utility to maximise efficiency and control cloud costs 

Cloud Migration as a Service is a four-step process: 

  1. Migration Discovery and Assessment understands historical consumption and asset relationships and dependencies.  
  2. Migration Planning and Modelling prioritises applications and identifies rightsizing opportunities.
  3. Migration Execution customises your migration plan and uses automation, migration tools, and AWS CloudEndure Migration to execute the migration and post-migration viability tests.
  4. Post-Migration Optimisation provides ongoing visibility into your cloud consumption, ensuring financial compliance, avoiding surprise costs, and finding additional opportunities that align with AWS Well-Architected
Business outcomes from Cloud Migration as a Service

Whether you’re on-prem or already in the cloud, looking to migrate select assets or most of your workloads, our custom approach ensures you do it right. We categorise assets by business service, technology stack, location, consumption, or environment.


  • Quickly identify cloud workloads, minimising downtime and accelerating ROI
  • Achieve full visibility into end-to-end application service for accurate, consistent replatforming
  • Reduce migration risk using seamless automation
  • Optimise migration to reduce application footprint and costs
  • Continuously optimise workloads post-migration in line with AWS Well Architected methodology
  • Minimise spending with ongoing cost optimisation


A smooth cloud migration with optimised workloads is essential to your rapidly accelerated digital transformation – Contact Fusion today.