ITSM and IT Operations Resources

How can you ensure you have ready, economical access to the skills and resources you need to succeed with your BMC Software deployments, today and tomorrow?

Whether your business is deploying BMC Software for the first time or you are a seasoned veteran, as your deployments and business goals grow and evolve, you will need additional skills and resources. But your needs may not justify the time and expense of finding, recruiting, and hiring additional experienced staff. And those needs may spike or contract suddenly with changing business requirements or opportunities.

Fusion can provide access to the skills and resources you need, as you need them, quickly, seamlessly, and affordably.


With more than two decades of ITSM and ITIL experience, we understand the people, processes and technologies in this sector. We apply this knowledge throughout every phase of the resourcing process. Your business will benefit from our professional approach, our responsiveness, and our ability to resource difficult or high-demand project headcount to meet your requirements.

Looking for a contractor or your next contract?

Whether project resources or your next role we specialize in finding the right skills for the right job.

Specialists – BMC is our core business. We have access to the BMC skills ecosystem, and supply vetted, proven resources. We back these up with Fusion’s own network of experts.

Domain Experts – we have deep and broad experience with the BMC solutions portfolio, and a proven track record of success with organizations around the world.

Credible Partners – we are a Platinum BMC Partner, authorized to resell, implement, and support BMC solutions globally.

Additionally, Fusion can provide a range of professional services to help you succeed with BMC solutions. We offer benefits realization consulting, process maturity assessments, advisory consulting, project-specific implementation assistance, and resourcing services. Get more details online, or contact us today, and let us help make every one of your BMC Software deployments successful.