I want to transform IT

How can you manage your IT estate so it always delivers the best possible experience to the users who are your ultimate customers?

Self service. Service catalogues and knowledge bases. Mobility. AI-assisted chatbots and ticket management.

These features and others like them all have one common goal: to enable user experiences that deliver the highest possible levels of performance, personalization, security, and user satisfaction. For maximum business value, your IT estate must deliver consistently engaging, helpful, non-frustrating, user experiences. It must also be available and responsive anytime, anywhere, to anyone using any device type.


The ability to deliver on the right mix of these features requires an IT infrastructure that is robust, resilient, secure, and able to support modern applications and communications. And you must be able to support, maintain, grow, and evolve that infrastructure as business needs and technologies change, economically and with agility.

Fusion can help you ensure that IT at your business is up to these challenges and more. As a BMC Platinum partner, Fusion have implemented numerous solutions delivering transformational customer experience across clients’ IT estate with tools such as: es of how.

BMC Remedy is transforming service management with people-centric user experiences that help you to work smarter. Delivered in the cloud via BMC Helix for unprecedented choice, or on-premises.

TrueSight is an AIOps platform that helps complex and growing enterprises reinvent how IT Operations delivers fast, secure, and cost-effective services.

Control-M, a digital business automation solution, simplifies and automates diverse batch application workloads. At the center of infrastructure, data, and applications, it improves SLAs and accelerates application deployment.

BMC Discovery for Multi-Cloud automates asset discovery and application dependency mapping to build a holistic view of all your data center assets, multi-cloud services, and their relationships.

TrueSight Vulnerability Management (formerly SecOps Response Service/BladeLogic Threat Director) helps security and IT operations teams prioritize and remediate risks based on potential impact to the business.

Fusion offer solutions that can meet customer needs through a combination of leading software solutions and Fusion’s experience and expertise.  Fusion can help you maximize the availability, performance, reliability, security, and business value your customers gain from your IT investments.