Hybrid Cloud Discovery and Service Visibility

How can you best impose consolidated, proactive, business-driven management on your multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-cloud IT estate, today and tomorrow?

The IT environment upon which your business relies has one constant characteristic: change.

Your incumbent premises-based IT assets and resources are increasingly augmented by solutions delivered from externally hosted data centers and multiple public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms.

Users can spin up virtual systems with an internet connection and a credit card — and without notifying IT.

Digital transformation efforts at your business mean even more technologies to support, from artificial intelligence (AI) to Internet of Things (IoT) devices and connections.


Each of your IT assets requires management across its lifecycle, from selection and deployment through patches and updates to retirement and replacement.

User roles and business goals continue to evolve, requiring changes in the services and resource IT delivers and the processes that govern them.

Regardless of these and other challenges and changes, you need consistent, comprehensive, consolidated management of your entire IT estate. And that management must be agile, flexible, secure, and minimally disruptive to your business.

Fusion can help with every phase of your journey to infrastructure management that meets today’s needs and prepares your business for tomorrow’s digital transformation.

Fusion’s Process & Capability Maturity Assessment allows you to compare the current state of IT service and operations management at your business with your target operating model. It can identify immediate benefits and help you create and execute a plan for continued service improvement.

Fusion’s Discovery Exploitation as a Service (DEaaS) enables the actionable visibility you need to optimize integration of your technologies and their management. It combines the power of BMC’s agentless Discovery platform with other relevant data sources and the vast experience of Fusion experts. DEaaS can help you know and visualize the relationships that connect your IT assets to each other, the services you deliver, and those who use them. That knowledge can help you make the best possible resource management decisions.

Fusion’s Consolidated Operations consultants understand the challenges of defining and achieving the benefits and avoiding the road blocks associated with tool and process integration. Fusion experts can help to identify and remove cultural, organizational, and technological inhibitors, align projects with benefits and goals, and accelerate transformation. (And if your business is pursuing or considering initiatives related to the Service Integration And Management (SIAM) framework, Fusion offers SIAM Deployment consulting as well.)

Fusion’s Capacity Optimization as a Service (COaaS) provides detailed analysis of how computing, network and storage resources are being used. It give you visibility and control over multi-cloud costs, and supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack, and others. Fusion COaaS also analyzes current and future costs and multi-cloud infrastructure services utilization. This enables insight and control over capital and operating expenditures.

Fusion’s Platform Integration Engine (PIe) acts as an automated agent, integrating multiple tasks, processes, technologies, and service providers. PIe Integration Packs provide off-the-shelf customizable integrations, automation workflows, and run books, to ease and speed new integrations. Fusion PIe can be cloud-hosted, premise-based, or deployed in a hybrid configuration, for maximum flexibility and security. It can speed time to success with new services, increase customer and user satisfaction, and reduce management and operating complexity and expense.

Fusion’s solutions, experience, and expertise can help you to achieve your IT infrastructure management goals, both immediate and longer-term. With Fusion, you can effectively tame the challenges of IT diversity, and maximize its benefits to your business.