The Role of AI in Improving Customer Experience

For businesses to effectively manage their customers, they need Service Management. And for Service Management to be optimised and tuned into the way customers engage with the business, a lot of data reporting and analytics is required.

But we have a problem: 90%+ of the data held in Service Management systems are unstructured data. This means standard Business Intelligence reporting and data analytics offer limited value in identifying key insights into customer interactions and journeys.

That’s where a combination of AI techniques including Natural Language Processing, Deep Neural Network and Machine Learning comes into play!

In today’s video, we are talking about the role of AI in optimising Service Management capabilities to help organisations manage the customer more effectively and reduce churn.


This video explores how Fusion’s leading AI is powering Service Optimization Programmes for some of the largest businesses across finance, telco, oil & gas, gaming, public sector, health and retail; helping them to understand questions, such as:

  • How effective are the customer engagement channels?
  • Is the right contact strategy in place to help drive customer satisfaction?
  • Are the processes support staff following correct and can they be streamlined?
  • Is automation being used to bridge the gap across silos?
  • What are the skills gaps that need to be addressed?

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By Fusion News Team