Introducing Intelligent Automation

With our Strategic Partnership with Automation Anywhere, we can now offer our customers the cutting edge in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), cognitive, and analytics technologies. This partnership presents a unique, data-driven approach to optimising and automating workflows, improving productivity, and reducing cost—a dramatically accelerated digital transformation.  

Let’s look at Intelligent Automation, the Automation Anywhere approach. 

What is Intelligent Automation? 

The cornerstone of the Automation Anywhere approach, Intelligent Automation (IA) combines artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation technologies. IA drives digital transformation by powering rapid, end-to-end automation of any business process—an order of magnitude beyond what RPA alone can achieve.  

IA works by leveraging the task execution of RPA alongside machine learning and analysis capabilities such as automatic process discovery, process analytics, and cognitive technologies like Natural Language Processing, computer vision, and fuzzy logic. 

How does IA work? 

Traditional automation runs on structured data inputs and prescriptive instructions to automate a few steps in a workflow. Intelligent Automation, however, relies on AI in every phase, allowing for end-to-end automation of any business process that improves over time.

Here’s how IA works: 

  • Start with process discovery. Tools powered by AI automatically observe employee work activities, known as structured information, in order to identify optimal—transformed—workflows for automation.  
  • Next, train the AI tools train on structured and unstructured information.  Unstructured data, including chat conversations, audio, and video, comprises 80% of your company’s information. The AI overlay can take in, parse, classify, and understand the data, passing insights onto the RPA.  
  • Finally, AI and RPA technologies complete the automation.  AI tools continue to analyse the automation, look for process patterns and predict future productivity gains.  

Over time, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in both process exceptions and overall bot management.   

Intelligent Automation is also easy to implement, so you can achieve rapid ROI: 

  • The RPA runs in a SaaS environment, so you don’t have to deal with on-prem.  
  • Low- and no-code options mean the bots are easy for anyone to set up, use, and scale—without a dedicated team of developers. 
  • Native AI capability means the solution works; you don’t have to reverse engineer your systems. 
  • Fusion’s data-led AI insights from actual customer data rapidly identifies and builds the business case for automation.

What is Rapid End User Task Automation? 

Rapid End User Task Automation (REUTA) is the Fusion approach to automation, fuelled by Automation Anywhere’s Intelligent Automation. Our intelligent approach prioritises your use cases based on data-driven insights that are unique to your customers and business. This approach ensures your automation implementation reaps the most value for you—in the least amount of time.  

Benefits of Rapid End User Task Automation

Together, Rapid End User Task Automation and Intelligent Automation help you achieve the digital transformation you need. We’ll use data-driven insights from your data to prioritise use cases.  

You can expect these benefits when pairing bots and automation with unique data insights:

  • Save time. Get back thousands of hours your staff spends on repetitive tasks.  
  • Increase productivity. Free up your workforce to focus on creative solutions and work that requires a human touch.  
  • Improve omni-channel self-service functionality, resulting in increased customer and employee satisfaction.  
  • Optimise operational processes, allowing you to simplify reporting, strengthen cybersecurity, and easily meet compliance and governance standards.  
  • Quickly meet enterprise and user demands thanks to your improved agility and scalability. 
  • Achieve rapid ROI as you reduce costs on processes and workflows.  

Intelligent Automation in Action 

Want to see what Intelligent Automation looks like? Check out our first three bots in the Automation Anywhere Bot Store

These bots can: 

And that’s just for starters! If you’re ready to make data-driven insights and automated bots work for you, contact Fusion today!

By Fusion News Team