Joining Fusion – Why I decided to take the plunge

I have been asked to write a piece about why I joined Fusion, in order for it to be a fluid explanation, I need to go back to the beginning to lay the foundation (don’t worry, I’m not going to talk through my first words or my first baby steps!)

At school, I aspired to go into law, the thought of standing in a court room, dressed in a nice suit whilst discussing and then proving something, helping a potential jury think laterally, really appealed to me, now I come to think of it, its actually a bit like sales.

Starting out, my foundation was telesales, and I sold everything from double glazing to advertising space to cleaning materials and lastly to fork lift truck parts. The day arrived, my big break, one of the salesman that covered the north (Leicester to John O`Groats) was leaving, here was my chance, I applied for the position and the rest as they say is history. I moved to the centre of my patch (somewhere near Leeds) and I picked up the keys to my new company car – a Vauxhall Cavalier (I’m embarrassed that I can still remember the registration!)

Progression took on the guise of selling actual fork lift trucks, which was great, a 5ft something young woman demonstrating a 60-tonne container handler. By my early thirties I was offered the opportunity to move industries and that was my first taste of the world of IT.

Since then, I have worked for vendors and resellers mainly focused around web and working with CMO`s up until May this year, it served me well, but I knew that things needed to change and I needed a new challenge, I wanted to move away from the marketing side of IT and get more involved in the machine behind the paint work.

What I didn’t know, was what type of thing I wanted to do, one thing was certain, I was very clear of the things that I needed to succeed, so when I spoke to a couple of recruitment company’s, I was actually quite open about it. Products could be learnt so didn’t worry me, the go/no go for me was the business culture, my peers and my reporting line. I have been told in the past that I am a workaholic and can be like a machine, so it was so important to me that I worked for someone and a company that would appreciate that and support my tenacity.

Interviews are an unnatural experience and it’s very difficult sometimes to be “yourself.” When I met Sunil (My now boss) I felt an instant connection, we agreed on everything and I really felt good about the meeting after I left. During my final stages of the process I was offered 3 very unique positions in 3 different companies, I chose Fusion, which 8 weeks in (I know I’m in my honeymoon phase) I’m really pleased I did. Everything indicates that this is where I want to be, as a business Fusion have invested in me which I absolutely appreciate and don’t take lightly, the support I get from my boss and my peers is great, the company ethos is perfect, the work we do is incredible, some of the business challenges we have solved for our clients, has, and I’m sure will continue to blow me away. I feel quite lucky that I work with some incredible people, with amazing knowledge.

The final thing I would like to say is Thank you, to everyone at Fusion for making me most welcome, and a huge thank you to John Mohan and Sunil Duggal for bringing me on board.

Sara Morley
Performance & Availability Specialist

By Daniel Swann