My Journey as a Fusion Graduate

The Graduate Scheme here is an excellent way of getting someone completely unfamiliar with BMC products up to speed. In 3 short months, I went from being completely oblivious to what Remedy was, to being able to create my own application for it. After my intensive induction I was ready for the field and joined the team working with one of our customers in a secure environment much sooner than I expected.

Of course, it did help that I wasn’t technically a graduate any more. I’d had a year’s industry experience as a Java Developer/Consultant before coming to Fusion, which really helped shape my behaviour for a working environment, how to handle client’s expectations and effective forms of communication. Though definitely not necessary, it helped consolidate the skills I’d already learnt at my previous job to make me a more well-rounded consultant.

The initial training period started off with 4-6 weeks of mainly web-based training, with a few meetings to break the sessions up. These were focussed on getting us up to speed with BMC, Fusion and Remedy, as well as the ITSM industry. An example of this is the ITIL training Fusion helped us with, that on its own is not a BMC product, but helped us to understand the consistencies between businesses and how ITSM as an industry runs. Knowledge of ITIL standards is incredibly useful in today’s business world. All good IT companies should be following their guidelines on how to practice service management.

Next, we moved onto creating our own application for Remedy. Everyone was given the same task by our Line Manager, but it wasn’t a competition. We were encouraged to assist each other, though our finished products showed noticeable differences. Given a deadline and a list of required and optional goals, it was an excellent learning experience as it taught us what to prioritise and how to spend our time wisely. Without jeopardizing a real project, we learnt valuable lessons such as creating what the customer actually wants, not what you think they want and to finish the important tasks before adding unnecessary frills.

Since the initial intensive training period, most of my time has been spent on real clients, putting the skills I have learned and consolidated into use. Any time when there hasn’t been an active project for me to work on, I’ve been doing more training to broaden and solidify my skills as an ITSM Consultant. In time, I hope that through Fusion’s expert guidance, I will gain the skills required to become a good team leader and take up a Technical role in Management. I look forward to that day!

Jonathan Hercock
ITSM Consultant

By Daniel Swann