My volunteering journey in India – Improving the lives of women & children with iSpiice

After a day of trekking in Sapa, Vietnam in March 2017, I ended up in a local’s house along with a group of strangers whom I met 2 days earlier in Vietnam for an overnight stay. I met a young Guitarist called Pete on my trip who shared his experience of volunteering in India at the bottom of the Himalayas to teach young kids in the rural villages of Dharamsala (McLeod Ganj – residence of Dalai Lama). I was pleasantly surprised to have this conversation as I was thinking of doing this myself, instead of travelling to Vietnam, but I was’nt comfortable to travel on my own for a long period of time in India. Pete highly recommended a company that organises everything for the volunteers and from a security perspective, it sounded all good to me!

Finally, I have managed to book my stay with a company called iSpiice (Integrated Social Programs In Indian Child Education).

Their Approach

iSpiice provides international volunteers with the opportunity to genuinely improve the lives of women and children in the rural villages of Dharamsala, India. Varun Verma founded iSpiice in 2008 when he returned to the villages where he was raised to find little forward development in more than a decade. Disheartened by India’s progress in rural areas and inspired by his years of working in the slums of Mumbai, Delhi and Goa he developed specific educational, wellbeing and community programs to assist the villages in North India. With the help of international volunteers, iSpiice delivers educational programmes in slums (street children), day care centres, schools and the rural areas of India.

On an average over 100 children engage in iSpiice programmes per week. Many children have limited or no access to education.


Coming from an Indian background and spent 20 years of my life in India, I have seen how poverty affects the lives of people. I feel that I was very lucky and I am grateful to have had a good education and getting the opportunity to become what I am, but I always wanted to go back and help out wherever possible.

After speaking to John Mohan, CEO of Fusion Global Business Solutions, about how I came across this Company and my plan to travel in September 2017, he was very happy and supportive of my choice and has kindly offered to sponsor iSpiice through Fusion. Some of the money that iSpiice charges to provide accommodation for the volunteers will go to the community for educational supplies, basic food supplies, school renovation supplies and help iSpiice sponsor local children to get an education.

I have promised John that I will write another blog on my experience after I come back. I am glad to be given this opportunity to give back to the community! It’s all for a good cause.

Please get in touch if you are interested in volunteering yourself. I will be very happy to provide you all the information you need.

Kamiya Mehta
Resource Manager

By Daniel Swann