Fusion Strengthens Leadership Team

I am delighted to announce a change to our management team. This change underpins Fusion’s continued growth and success within the IT industry and shows our commitment to developing the next generation of leaders.

Sunil Duggal

Sunil Duggal has been appointed to the position of UK Sales and Marketing Director. Sunil joined Fusion four years ago as Director of Fusion Resource Management where he was responsible for building the internal and customer facing recruitment team. His recent appointment will see him step up to look after the wider UK sales team as well. Sunil has extensive experience in working with major IT Service providers, financial services and enterprise organisations to improve service performance and efficiency through better alignment of people, process and technology.

Sunil commented, “I am delighted to take on this new role which reflects the new energy, drive and upturn we have encountered and nurtured with BMC Software. As our sales pipeline continues to strengthen, I plan to broaden the sales team further, enabling Fusion to continue to deliver advanced, secure and intelligent solutions for large business and enterprise clients.”


Jeremy Bowman

Jeremy Bowman has been appointed to the position of Director of IT and Information Security. Jeremy joined Fusion five years ago to manage Fusion’s IT systems and operations. His work, in conjunction with Xgeneration, has seen Fusion fully transform into a digital organisation, operating out of a secure third-party data centre, with the ability to scale and facilitate nearly all of Fusion’s Customer and internal requirements. Jeremy has extensive experience in working on large-scale infrastructure, cloud, and technology enablement projects in the public and education sectors for over 20 years. He is certified in both traditional enterprise IT and virtualisation technologies to advanced levels, and also brings Information Security experience from previous roles in guiding both policy and technical infrastructure towards industry best practice and ISO security standards compliance.

Jeremy commented, “In line with the ever present and now paramount importance of security within our daily lives, I am delighted to take on this role and will continue to ensure security and defence related work is at the forefront of our business as we continue to grow and expand.”


Nii Addy

Nii Addy has been appointed to the position of Director of Worldwide Support and Maintenance. Nii joined Fusion 14 years ago and has worked his way through many of the roles within the support organisation. Nii will be responsible for the operational and functional side of the worldwide Support and Maintenance and will also work with the sales teams to welcome new clients.

Nii commented, “In light of my new role, I am dedicated to ensure that Fusion continues to drive excellence in operations as well as continue to be at the forefront of our customers’ support and maintenance.”


Neil Peerman

Neil Peerman has been appointed to the position of Director of Worldwide Professional Services. Neil joined Fusion 5 ½ years ago and has been instrumental in some of Fusion’s most successful projects. His new role will see him manage both the US and UK business units as well as for Fusion’s Salesforce business unit. Neil has worked in IT for over 30 years with a broad experience in software development, project delivery and in particular, IT Service Management. He demonstrates true customer focus in everything he does and has assisted many of Fusion’s customers at the most senior level.

Neil commented, “As Director of Worldwide Professional Services, I will ensure Fusion continues to grow and expand through collaborative working with our teams to continue to drive productivity and customer satisfaction.”

This management team change brings with it a strong wealth of knowledge and expertise. Fusion can continue to help organisations drive automation, make better use of their service data, improve self-service and customer experience, in turn bringing people and technology together. I wish them all the best of luck as they embark on their new journeys.


John Mohan
CEO, Fusion Global Business Solutions

By Daniel Swann