BMC Helix Portfolio Management

Easily add required Project and Portfolio Management to ITSM and ITOps processes while aligning with the Autonomous Digital Enterprise Platform.

BMC Helix Portfolio Management is a comprehensive, graphical tool that seamlessly connects Project and Portfolio Management with Idea Sourcing, Idea Management, and Demand Generation.

The Power of Agile Working

Organizations implement DevOps methodologies across the business. By coupling business processes with IT practices, you can fully control costs and resources. To do this successfully, however, you need a way to track agile projects, manage the service lifecycle, and ensure that no project requirements are forgotten.

Agile and DevOps processes such as enterprise service management, which combines ITSM and Business Workflows, are best supported by interactive graphical visualizations like Kanban and Gantt Charts. BMC Helix Portfolio Management provides a state-of-the-art solution for agile management of processes including demand, portfolio, requirement, and project management.

BMC Helix Portfolio Management helps users add core functionality, including Project and Portfolio Management and Idea Sourcing and Management, to ITSM and IT Operations processes. The application for BMC Helix delivers actionable insights to support the agility needed to become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

Agility Suite transforms agile project management directly on the BMC Helix platform, so you don’t need a separate application—ensuring quick value realization. A holistic end-to-end solution that guarantees no requirements/task loss. Its low- and no-code approach makes it easily extendable and customizable across the BMC Helix platform, so you’re productive from Day One.

Key Business Benefits

Flexibly manage agile projects including ideas, requirements, tasks, and schedules.

Make decisions from a single portfolio view that tracks historical and future requirements.

Automate scheduling, task assignment, and backlog creation.

Promote innovation in Digital Workplace, where employees can submit ideas, vote on other ideas, and track and explore popular ideas for development.

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Agility Suite for BMC Helix: seamlessly connect Project and Portfolio Management with Idea Sourcing, Idea Management, and Demand Generation.