Fusion and NTT Data are Working in Partnership to Transform Telecom Operators Service Management Capability

Connectivity has proven to be critical for people and businesses alike as the pandemic unravelled established norms of living and working. Telcos stepped up to meet the surge in demand for connectivity and support when it was most needed. With this increased level of demand, an overwhelming need for telcos to rapidly pivot to keep up with accelerated market change followed. This also brought new layers of complexity to IT systems in order for them to grab at new business opportunities. But how do you overcome increasing complexity all whilst keeping costs down and productivity elevated?

Simplification is the key, achieved by unifying platforms and implementing intelligent automation. Not only will this reduce complexity, lower operating costs and boost productivity but it will also generate higher customer satisfaction and achieve more secure operation that can be sustained over the long-term.

Fusion Global Business Solutions and NTT Data are working in partnership to transform telecom operators service management capability and take them on a journey to achieving service management excellence. Using an omni channel approach, automation, enriched by configuration management as a foundation with a knowledge centric service model, NTT Data and Fusion GBS are focused on delivering exceptional customer experience and improved user productivity whilst driving businesses into the digital future.

Chief Technology Officer Fusion Global Business Solutions


“Using Fusion’s unique data led, outcomes based transformation practice combined with NTT’s experience in business change, customers now have access to a team of expertise that can accelerate service management transformation and be confident that business outcomes will be delivered,” says Gary Pruden, Chief Technology Officer of Fusion Global Business Solutions.



In the webinar, “Turn Telco IT into a Competitive Advantage” from NTT Data in partnership with BMC Software, we are discussing why IT complexity is the biggest barrier for change within telcos and exploring the steps needed to successfully overcome this challenge through IT Simplification.

Turn telco into a competitive advantage!

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By Fusion News Team