Adoption Assessment

To realise key benefits of IT initiatives there is often a dependency on users fully adopting the technology and processes. During projects many organisations fail to address the people aspects of adoption, whether it is motivation, skills, culture or other factors. This can lead to sub-optimal processes, inaccurate information for decision making, higher than expected manual processing or in extreme cases a technology not bring used.

The Adoption Assessment brings Fusion Intellectual Property to bear on problems such as self service, use of mobility, automated event processing and triage, automated provisioning etc. Using data analysis Fusion can gather in a few days information about current usage from the existing system. This then guides our engagement with users in focus groups to identify why adoption rates are (or likely to be) higher and lower with particular users. A plan for adoption can then be established with key milestones, targets and tracking.

Adoption Assessment


  • Metrics analysis on current adoption
  • Inhibitors to current adoption
  • Technology change requirements
  • Best practice improvements and desired state
  • Motivation and incentives
  • Adoption plan

Typical Scope

  • Self Service (shift left)
  • Mobility
  • Chat
  • Remedy ITSM applications
  • Knowledge Management (KCS)
  • TrueSight Operations Manager

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