Maturity Assessment

Managing complex IT environments efficiently that are under constant change is difficult. Organisations often know they are not working optimally but cannot easily define how they should improve. Fusion’s Maturity Assessment performs an evaluation of current process and organisational capability against the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) and other best practice frameworks for IT Service Management. This provides a comprehensive view of strengths and weaknesses within existing processes and benchmarks the organisation against a recognised framework and industry averages. From this, quick wins are identified together with a medium to long term roadmap.


  • Current state benchmark against best practice, industry average
  • Best practice improvements and KPIs per process
  • Organisational change to align with best practice
  • Improvements in underpinning technology
  • Management challenges to overcome
  • 12-15 month roadmap with quick wins

Scope (one or more)

  • Incident (inc Major Incident)
  • Problem
  • Knowledge
  • Change
  • Service Catalogue
  • Service Asset & Config Mgt
  • Event
  • Availability & Capacity Mgt

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