Self-Service Transition

Most organisations have some level of self-service in their technology support organisation. However, if the breadth, level of automation or user experience are not aligned to user communities, the adoption and benefits of self-service fall short of expectations.

Fusion uses key self-service dimensions to understand the quality and scope of self-service that an organisation is delivering today. Using this information combined with user community analysis a clear picture of self service improve areas emerges with metrics to track performance and guide changes.


  • Current self service end user engagement levels
  • Coverage and technology assessment
  • Catalogue structure and provision of service definition templates
  • Service taxonomy and data model for Services
  • Best practices for Remedy SRM/ MyIT Service Broker implementation
  • Catalogue management processes and third party engagement
  • Roadmap for rollout

Typical Scope

  • IT Services
  • Organisation specific services, including legacy onboarding
  • Shared Services Organisation (IT, HR, Facilities, Finance)
  • Customer self service and portal design
  • Roadmap for CSI in BAU

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