Service Modelling

BMC Discovery is already established in many organisations; however, greater value can be provided for Service Management teams by understanding the dependencies between CIs through Services Models. This has clear benefits in terms of impact assessment and understanding services, enabling faster incident resolution times and problem RCA analysis. Other benefits include visibility into existing assets as part of an upgrade of the infrastructure, understanding supplier dependencies and being able to identify deviations from service designs.

Fusion Service Modelling Factory establishes modelling practices for organisations and utilising Fusion’s blended onshore and offshore model can build the initial set of models economically. Customers are then free to choose whether this maintained in house or as part of a Managed Service from Fusion.


  • Service model requirements and consumer plan
  • Service modelling approach
  • Organisation / outsourcing established
  • Discovery, Data Quality and Service Modelling processes
  • Initial models complete

Typical Scope

  • Change Management and BCP
  • Application and release team
  • Tier 1 / Tier 2 services

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