SIAM Deployment

Large complex IT solutions need multiple specialised skills. Some historic large single source contracts suffered from the one supplier not have the necessary depth of skills across the broad scope of delivery. The idea of implementing a SIAM model is to maximise the specialised skills from multiple suppliers, but in a coordinated and controlled way.

Fusion helps organisations define their Service offering and how these can be delivered under a SIAM model. We have a wealth of experience of how to set up a SIAM framework and understand how the technology can be configured to manage the SIAM implementation. This includes setting up meaningful measurement of a SIAM implementation to ensure value is delivered.


  • Strategy, Initiation and value alignment
  • Current state and negative consequences
  • 12-18 month transformation roadmap
  • Quick wins
  • Notational Architecture

Typical Scope

  • Multiple tower adoption (SIAM)
  • Supplier commercial alignment
  • Fulfilment boundaries of responsibility
  • Cross supplier interaction
  • Cross supplier management and monitoring
  • Service catalogue alignment

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