Value Realisation

Today's software solutions provide a multitude of features and functionality. However many organisations fail to get the expected value from their licence purchase. This can be for a variety of reasons including lack of training, process immaturity, data quality, poor configuration, misaligned job functions etc.

Fusion's value realisation benchmarks the current tool deployment in terms of how it has been implemented, how it is being used, what is not being used and license usage. By comparing this to best practice and operational goals we define a plan to optimise its usage. In addition by using key metrics organisation can track value realisation over time.


  • Current state effective functional usage of product
  • Inhibitors to usage and unexploited areas
  • Best practice usage and process support improvements
  • License Usage
  • Value from above (business case)

Scope (one or more)

  • Remedy ITSM inc SmartIT/MyIT
  • Remedyforce
  • BMC Discovery
  • TrueSight Operations Manager
  • TrueSight Capacity Optimisation
  • BMC Work Load Automation
  • Atrium Orchestrator

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