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Your Business Need

As organisations make the shift to strategic digital service management, they face a variety of requirements, including gaining holistic visibility across not just the data center but all their multi-cloud assets, improving the quality and efficiency of business service delivery, managing end-of-life for software and hardware and more.

Realising these objectives is easier said than done. Asset and inventory data is notoriously poor and incomplete. Information and technology are held in silos and are not consistently shared, which translates to limited visibility between assets and the services they support. And as software and licensing models become more varied, it’s easy to succumb to software sprawl, shadow IT, and audit unpreparedness. As a result, companies that don’t have good visibility into how digital services are implemented struggle in their digital transformation.

Fusion's Discovery Exploitation as a Service (DEaaS) addresses these challenges by utilising its vast experience in BMC's Discovery platform supplemented with other relevant data sources to drive the desired outcomes. DEaaS incorporates advanced processes and techniques to improve data quality while eradicating the need for skilled discovery administrators, knowledge retention and training, thereby reducing the overall costs and dramatically improving time to value.

Our Approach

Fusion's Discovery Exploitation as a Service utilities four key unique capabilities:
Fusion will deploy and manage BMC's agent-less Discovery platform across client's IT infrastructure to create a dynamic, holistic view of data center and multi-cloud assets, highlighting their relationships, and providing IT crucial visibility into how the infrastructure enables the digital business. Other relevant tools and data sources will also be integrated to provide a holistic view of all relevant IT assets.

The service offers a flexible subscription consumption model. Fusion Data Quality Assurance (DQA) service provides a set of processes and best practice templates to guarantee the quality and timeliness of the data normalised and reconciled in the Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB), which in turn is used to drive all IT Service Management processes. The DQA service is governed by data quality SLAs which are driven by client's specific business needs.

Fusion Exploitation Service, assists the consumers of the data in turning the Discovery and CMDB reports into actionable activities helped to derive value from the data.

Business Challenges

  • Would you like to know the blind spots your venerability scanners aren’t scanning?
  • Do you need to understand which storage units link to which applications
  • Do you understand how your Azure VMs relate to your business critical services?
  • Do you know your AWS estate and which cost centre owns it?
  • Can you accurately and quickly assess impact of change across your services?
  • Are you able to work at scale and with precision to erase all data on a single customer and verify the results, as required by GDPR?

Discovery Exploitation as a Service Business Outcomes

  • Mitigate risk through enforcing CISO compliance including patching compliance and CISO reporting
  • Demonstrate GDPR control and support by providing accurate and timely visibility of assets governed by GDPR regulation
  • Cost optimisation by improved visibility of IT asset life-cycle status through the lifetime of IT services
  • Improved quality of service based on in-depth visibility of at-risk critical business services
  • Cost avoidance and optimisation through accurate Software license management processes
  • Cost efficiencies through accurate cross charging of IT services?

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