Cloud Expense Management

Your Challenge: to provide users with cloud-based resources that maximize their productivity, while keeping control over the costs of those resources as their use grows.

You have a precarious balance to maintain. On the one hand, you must be able to deliver to your users the cloud-based tools they need to do the best possible versions of their jobs. On the other hand, you must do so within the budgetary constraints of your business. To compound your challenge, almost any connected user in your business can easily purchase a service on any of a number of public cloud platforms. Which means you must manage the costs of resources that can change at any time, with or without your knowledge or consent.

The Fusion Solution: Fusion Cloud Expense Management

Fusion Cloud Expense Management helps you empower your users with cloud-based resources and manage the costs of those resources effectively.

Gartner recommends seven steps to better understand, manage, and control costs related to cloud services.

Fusion’s Cloud Expense Management service offers meets these recommendations and: 

  • Provides detailed analysis of how your computing, network and storage resources are being used.
  • Gives you visibility and control over current and future multi-cloud costs and services utilization.
  • Supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack, and others.
  • Enables insight into and control over capital and operating expenditures.
  • Automates asset discovery and application dependency mapping.
  • Enables a holistic view of all your data center assets, multi-cloud services, and their relationships.
  • Ensures the accuracy and consistency of your discovered data and other relevant data sources with Fusion’s unique Data Quality Assurance service.
  • Fully integrates with and supports the end-to-end service views required for service cost modelling offered by COaaS.
Fusion Cloud Expense Management in Detail

The chart below shows how the features of Fusion Cloud Expense Management align with the Gartner recommendations mentioned above.