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Most businesses today are heavily reliant on Digital Services. Keeping these often complex services available and performing in a constantly changing environment is challenging. Monitoring the infrastructure, which may in part be cloud or outsourced, is only part of the story. Understanding the infrastructure, network and applications that make up the service in context has been beyond many organisations. This is where Fusion can help. We enable customers to develop capabilities that deliver real control, insight and reliability into IT Operations through:

  • Finding and fixing problems fast before they impact the business using predictive analytics and probable cause analysis
  • Understanding service, application and infrastructure dependencies enabling prioritisation and “noise” reduction
  • Optimising capacity to maintain performance while minimising cost and risk
  • Creating automating resolutions and preventative maintenance quickly and easily from experience
  • Integrating Operations with the Service Desk and beyond to enable efficient working and visibility of service status

Fusion allows you to focus on your business whilst we help manage you IT infrastructure.

Fusion can assist businesses to:

  • Ensure the performance and availability of digital services
  • Align cost and risk decisions with business needs
  • Drive down the cost of running business dependent technology
  • Bring Operations and Security together

Why is IT Operations Management (ITOM) critical?

IT Operations Management is the process of managing the day-to-day IT infrastructure including managing the provisioning, capacity, performance and availability of the computing, networking and application environment.  IT Operations Management is critical for IT organisations that are responsible for efficiently delivering high-quality services and applications in support of the digital business.

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