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Fusion's CONSULT offering begins by understanding your business’ processes and analysing how these are supported within your Salesforce organisation. Typically the business process is fully supported in the initial implementation, however as the business grows and processes change, this is not always replicated in Salesforce. The output of this will result in clear recommendations for improvement, allowing your organisation to optimise business benefit.

This will:

  • Prioritise key process areas for improvement that will add value to the business
  • Complete sessions to review current state of the business process. (As Is)
  • Design and document optimised processes taking into account industry best practice. (To Be)
  • Implement the enhanced process within your Salesforce org

If you are interested in learning more about Fusion CONSULT download our datasheet or contact Stephanie Durrant.

Key Benefits include:

  • Improves adoption of the enhanced platform through better process alignment
  • Improved return on investment
  • Increased efficiency
  • Helps increase customer satisfaction

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