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Fusion DELIVER focuses on reliable and predictable project delivery. By following Fusion methodology, developed from our experience in delivering successful fixed price projects we are able to meet our clients' needs in terms of functionality and budget.

Our methodology is a true hybrid between "waterfall" and "agile". We will discuss and agree the scope during project initiation. We then apply a rigorous governance process to ensure we follow the agreed scope. By applying our “scope exchange” process, we are able to manage the scope throughout the project when we need to add or remove scope items, meaning we ensure expectations are met.

By setting the "baseline scope" up front and continually monitoring scope exchange throughout the project, we are able to adopt a true "agile" development process ensuring the quickest possible time to realising benefit.

Following the delivery phase, we proceed to requirement sign off and acceptance ensuring we deliver the project on time and in budget.

Key Benefits

• Best of both Agile and Waterfall methods
• Incremental build delivers business prioritised functions earlier
• Adhere to initial effort expectations through scope exchange
• Continual dialogue between the project team and the business ensure expectations are met

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