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Most Clients experience growth in their Salesforce org over time. This growth can be organic, due to competitor acquisition, or simply increased sales. We find that even under the strictest governance many of the changes or enhancements made as a result of this growth can be counterproductive.

To address this, Fusion have built a HEALTH CHECK which compares your organisation against a number of key metrics. The objective of the HEALTH CHECK is to understand the quality of data that has been captured, analyse the original configuration and examine any code developed in addition to the standard functionality. We also consider security and access rules in relation to how your organisation is structured.

The data collected is then used to produce a report detailing how your Salesforce organisation is not only performing, but also supporting your business. The report will comprise of:

Executive Summary – a synopsis of the key recommendations, findings, and areas for improvment including quick wins.

Recommendations – which are based on our findings, and the suggested remediation activities.

Technical Findings – specifically looking at the implemented configuration as well as any code that's been developed.

Business Findings – Measuring any disconnect between current business processes and how the implementation was built.

This is designed as a short, sharp study to allow you to put a stake in the ground and realise business benefits in the short term. Typically we would have a half day workshop at the beginning of the project to understand your business, followed by our analysis, and then another half day to present and discuss our findings. We would look to complete this within one working week.

Key Benefits

  • Establish current "state" in order to move forwards
  • Identify "quick wins" and address any urgent risks
  • Enables a road map to be developed that maximises ROI as early as possible
  • Understand if "adoption" is a problem and what steps to take if that's the case

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