Salesforce Quick-Start

The Fusion QUICK START is designed to enable clients looking to install Salesforce a fast implementation and an accelerated go live thus reducing time to recognise ROI. This is typically a two week project. We do this by ensuring all critical configuration is carried out including key data migration activities to allow you to start using Salesforce and gaining value as early as possible. At the end of the QUICK START project, you will be able to run with Salesforce and build out more detailed requirements within the tool.


We begin by facilitating a half day requirements gathering session (Discovery) to learn about your business and processes, clarify what you will track in Salesforce, client and supplier interactions, finishing with KPI's that we can apply to reports and dashboards.

Following Discovery we will begin the configuration to closely match your companies process. This enables us to adopt an interactive style with your experts not only ensuring the configuration matches your needs, but also learning first hand how to adapt and configure the platform.

The QUICK START is a very quick way to get Salesforce in and running and returning real value from day one. time, the configuration is undertaken by our consultant working side by side with your process owner (s) and or your Salesforce owner.

The Details

We will configure the following elements in Salesforce:

  • Home Tab
  • Leads
  • Accounts & Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Activities (tasks, events and email)
  • Analytics (10 custom reports and 2 dashboards)

We will provide the data migration templates (in excel format) for you to populate with your companies data. At the start of the second week we will hold a configuration review meeting, at which point Salesforce will be 90% configured, with final changes incorporated as needed.

We will also complete the remaining basic set up by:

  • Adding all users
  • Setting up the organisational hierarchy for profiles and roles
  • Adding branding to the instance
  • Implementing best practice security model
  • Following go live, you will have a fully scalable Salesforce Platform.

Out of Scope activities are:

  • Data export/extraction or cleansing of existing data
  • Custom code
  • Visualforce pages (customised page layouts in Salesforce)
  • Portals (allow direct self-service to your customers)

Key Benefits

  • Go Live on Salesforce within a few weeks
  • Guidance and expertise on how to best utilise Salesforce to support your business
  • Implementation of best practices around usability and data quality
  • Reporting and analytics that provide visibility of your key business metrics
  • Fixed time and cost

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