Salesforce Remediation

Fusion REMEDIATION follows on from a Fusion HEALTH CHECK. The objective is to define a set of deliverables to address the most urgent issues identified. This normally takes up to three weeks, the timeline will be confirmed following completion of the HEALTH CHECK.
We agree the scope with the process owners and Salesforce owner, which can consist of any combination of the following examples:

  • Removal of duplicate records (de-dupe)
  • Removal of dormant and or unauthorised access profiles
  • Removal of un-used but installed AppExchange applications
  • Standardise security and access rules
  • Re-factor role-hierarchy to match current organisational chart
  • Update “Organisation Wide Defaults” to align with best practice
  • Removal and/or repair of “Process Builder” flows
  • Removal and/or repair of “Case Assignment” rules

We often find issues is around data quality, currency, and accuracy. This is not normally a remediation exercise as responsibility typically sits with your data owner however Fusion can offer data cleansing services if you require assistance.

Key Benefits

  • Immediately address any urgent risks to your business
  • Scope is agreed as part of the HEALTH CHECK so no delay to starting work
  • Fixes your Salesforce organisation so you can focus on improvements

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