Salesforce Change

Fusion TRANSFORM is our change management offering which focuses on driving Salesforce adoption within your organisation.

Our objective is to help your organisation with the non-software elements of adoption, and is designed to guide you effectively through the change management process, by ensuring best practise to drive adoption.

Some of the areas covered are:

  • Project initiation
  • Communications planning
  • Business process analysis and recommendations
  • Implementation/analysis & design recommendations
  • Business Feedback structure and frequency
  • Requirements based testing and UAT process.
  • Go Live and Launch recommendations.
  • Training recommendations (materials and delivery)

Our process optimisation consultants have many years’ experience working with the ITIL framework and this is brought to bear on their discussions with process owners to ensure the best outcome. The outcome of addressing adoption issues as part of your transformation project will be more consistent use of the platform resulting in higher staff satisfaction as well as more accurate data capture. The key differentiator of the TRANSORM service is to increase, drive and maintain high levels of satisfaction.

Key Benefits

• Improved data quality and consistency
• Increased staff satisfaction with new and improved platforms and processes
• Higher return on investment due to increased usage of the tools

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