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Three Projections for 2023

Through the A-Z of Digital Acceleration videos published in 2022, we’ve talked about the role of AI in helping to prioritise investment and identify critical capabilities to deliver outcomes such as; increasing self-service adoption and service desk capacity, accurate internal audits, and faster seamless staff onboarding in the healthcare sector. Let’s take a look at […]

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare providers could deliver better care, faster and more effectively, and at a lower cost. Fusion combines its unique data-led approach with BMC Software to streamline and automate heritage processes, enhancing staff and patient experience, consolidating fragmented services, and supporting cyber security initiatives. And in doing so, we are showing some stunning outcomes: A top […]

Automation Landscape

Over the past 2 years, businesses globally have spent $3,000,000,000,000 on digital transformations with a further $8.3tn over the next 2 years, globally. According to IDC 65% of world’s GDP is set to become digitalised by 2022. However, when we dive into the way organisations operate today, we only see 20% of their processes automated. […]

A Case Study in Fast Tracking Information Security

To stay competitive/successful, companies must fast-track Information Security. Imagine yourself as the CIO of a high-end retailer with a massive global presence. You offer high quality, unique products. Your customers are willing and happy to spend a pretty penny for your goods.  Yet most people would be surprised that your business isn’t just the products you sell. No—your #1 […]

Fast tracking Information Security for a global retailer

A global fashion retailer contacted Fusion for help with its information security requirements. The company operates 500+ stores globally and has annual revenues in excess of $5 billion dollars. Despite this success, the Chief Information Security Officer, who reports to the Board of Directors, carried out an internal audit that highlighted multiple challenges: Limited view […]

THREE steps in building a great self-service solution

Today’s customers and employees need seamless access to products and services across multiple channels no matter where they are or what time of day it is. Providing digital services reliably and at pace, with the relevant supporting interaction and care results in a significantly improved customer experience, minimal customer turnover, and increased digital adoption and […]

Rapid Service Management Onboarding

Many organisations do not have deep expertise in service management best practices or how new ITSM technologies can be applied to transform customer experience and service management efficiency. Traditional implementation approaches rely on customers to mature service management processes and exploit new technologies such as automation, chat and AI. This leads to slow or limited […]

Top 5 Service Management fails & how to fix them

This video covers the top 5 areas IT leaders are highlighting as areas in service management and operations that are holding them back in supporting the big digital transformation programmes. Incoming workload to the service desk is exceeding resourcing capacity, resulting in missed SLA and frustrated customers. Increase in workload when most activities are manual […]

How do you build a critical mass service catalog in 2 weeks

In this short video we look at how our unique ready-made Accelerated Service Catalog with more than 100 services can help drive self-service within 2-3 weeks, helping you to boost your efforts in delivering a critical mass service catalog quickly. If you have ever tried to build a service catalog, then idea of snakes and […]

A Magical Christmas

Through the A-Z of Digital Acceleration videos published in 2021 we’ve talked about the role of AI in helping to prioritise investment and identify areas for service optimisation. We looked at critical capabilities needed to deliver omni channel self-service to your customers quickly. And we discussed a maturity roadmap for bringing control and governance over […]

Getting Basic IT Infrastructure Right in Healthcare Organisations

No industry has been under the spotlight more in the last two years than healthcare, which was forced to both embrace—and accelerate—its digital transformation to respond to the pandemic. Health Service Journal (HSJ), one of UK’s largest digital healthcare publications, has explored the essential need to put “backroom” IT functions in place to support healthcare’s […]

4 Global Organisations, AI and Lean Process Engineering

Imagine walking into a coffee shop and placing an order…. You pay up and wait and with anticipation while observing the barista at work. And this is what you see: She walks over there to grab a cup and a lid. She walks back, takes out the portafilter and bashed out the used coffee. Then […]

Accelerated Service Catalog

This is a short demonstration of Fusion’s unique ready-made Accelerated Service Catalog with more than 100 services. The templated self-service requests configured span across hardware, software, HR, Facilities and Infrastructure Service, and are backed by automation bots to help drive customer experience and reduce operating costs, lighten service desk workload, and improve productivity and time […]

Accelerating Cloud Adoption

You may be just starting your cloud journey, been doing it for over a year, or have already migrated a large number of services to cloud. While most IT organisations look to leverage cloud to free up IT resources, increase speed and reduce costs, they lack the critical capabilities to achieve these migrations in a […]

How to build an Omni-Channel Self-Service in 2-3 months

Self-Service automation is the holly-grail of IT Service Management. The idea is to provide users with what they are looking for, accessible from anywhere and at any time. And fulfilment automation is the key ingredient that makes Self-Service make so much financial sense to IT. However, for high Self-Service adoption organisations need to take a […]

Building a Roadmap for IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management is the single most fundamental element supporting digital initiatives. And as new innovative digital services come to market, vast array of assets need to be managed, maintained, and secured. In this video we look at a very effective way of building a roadmap that helps to mature your IT Asset Management capability. […]

Fusion India’s 2nd Foundation Day Anniversary

Fusion Global Business Solutions India’s office in Indore celebrated its 2nd Foundation Day Anniversary in August 2021. The event was rightly themed “A New Beginning”, since the hybrid event was attended by a significant number of team members for the first time in-person over the last 18 months. This was a day to glance back […]

3 Steps to improve data quality

High quality, trusted, easily accessible IT asset data is the panacea for any medium to large IT organisation. But getting there is a long challenging task. Until now! In this video we explain a proven approach for improving the quality of data held in the CMDB: Step 1: Identify who will be using the data […]

Building a CMDB? Don’t Boil The Ocean!

Building CMDB can be long hard task, with little value to show for it. That’s because most organisations start off by populating the CMDB with little consideration for the needs of the consumers. In this video we are taking a look at a top down approach when building an IT Asset Management function that will […]

3 Key Steps in delivering IT Asset Management Outcomes

IT Asset & Configuration Management the entire workings of IT, without digital services grind to a halt. In this video we are taking a look at 3 key principles when building an IT Asset Management function that will help deliver real business outcomes in 2-4 months: 1. Don’t boil the ocean. Go top down. 2. […]

How to Build a Proactive & Predictive Monitoring Approach

Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to put out fires and track down root causes due to unplanned downtime? Not only do unplanned outages eat away at time that could be focused on innovative projects but it also can cause a loss in revenue, poor customer experience, or a damaged reputation. Imagine […]

Self-Service Automation is Core to Accelerating Digital Transformation!

As the evolving digital economy continues to blur the boundaries between B2C and B2B, organisations are rapidly transforming the way they acquire and retain customers. And digital service catalogue, when implemented well, provides a great shopping window for customers (B2B or B2C) to consume services. This video highlights 5 critical capabilities for a successful self-service […]

The Role of AI in Improving Customer Experience

For businesses to effectively manage their customers, they need Service Management. And for Service Management to be optimised and tuned into the way customers engage with the business, a lot of data reporting and analytics is required. But we have a problem: 90%+ of the data held in Service Management systems are unstructured data. This […]

3 Rules to Help Accelerate Digital Transformation Programmes

Organisations are working hard to support their digital transformation programs, but the key question is what areas they should focus on to get the highest level of returns? After all, there are often hundreds of programmes in play supporting revenue generation, cost optimisation and risk mitigation initiatives across mid-large enterprises. To give an answer to […]

Fusion and NTT Data are Working in Partnership to Transform Telecom Operators Service Management Capability

Connectivity has proven to be critical for people and businesses alike as the pandemic unravelled established norms of living and working. Telcos stepped up to meet the surge in demand for connectivity and support when it was most needed. With this increased level of demand, an overwhelming need for telcos to rapidly pivot to keep […]

Applications for BMC Helix that support Agile Working

Fusion Global Business Solutions supports enterprise agility: We are pleased to announce the release of two new applications that extend your use of BMC Helix: Agility Suite and Visual Boards.  Organizations are introducing agile and DevOps processes beyond IT, spanning all lines of business to support the agility and customer experience necessary to stay competitive […]

Fusion Global Business Solutions partners with Jitterbit

Fusion GBS expands its market-leading technology partnerships with the API transformation company, empowering businesses to rapidly innovate and make faster, more effective decisions. Fusion Global Business Solutions, a specialist in delivering measured outcomes for enterprise customers with AI-powered service management and operations, today announced its partnership with Jitterbit, to securely integrate any cloud or on-premises […]

Capturing the potential of digital technology in the NHS sector

How well do we understand the NHS shift to cloud and automation technologies? Do we understand the common challenges faced in the adoption of new digital solutions? The importance of these investments? At Fusion Global Business Solutions, we’ve partnered with National Health Executive, BMC Software and The Dudley Group NHS Trust to better understand these […]

Fusion Global Business Solutions partners with LogicMonitor

Fusion GBS expands its market-leading technology partnerships with the cloud-based IT monitoring company, enabling businesses to better plan for change. Fusion Global Business Solutions, a specialist in delivering measured outcomes for enterprise customers with AI-powered service management and operations, today announced its partnership with LogicMonitor, a leading cloud-based IT infrastructure monitoring intelligence and observability platform. […]

Fusion partners with Automation Anywhere

Our focus is on business outcomes — improving your business, not merely your IT. As the supplier of choice for enterprise customers undergoing outcomes-based digital transformation, we know what your organisation aims to do: leverage agile technologies, modernise existing IT, and ensure consistently secure, available, and reliable technology services for your employees and your company. […]

Capacity Management – Where is my Crystal Ball when I need it?

This is a blog about capacity management (the reference to “crystal ball” to guide our future decisions), covering challenges, lessons learned and interesting topics.  This time we will use the COVID-19 pandemic to illustrate the challenges of capacity management for IT in the enterprise. I am not aware that any of our major customers had […]

What is IT Cost Transparency? IT Cost Transparency Explained

This post was originally published on BMC Blogs https://bit.ly/2JLDASO As budgets for IT seem to be on the rise and the importance of a solid technology team only increases, more and more organizations are realizing the necessity of being honest about costs, both to stakeholders and staff as well as to consumers. For a majority […]